How Much Is The Net Worth Of Vice Ganda 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of VIce Ganda? Well, check out here, Vice Ganda’s net worth, appearances etc. Read further to know more about it. 

Vice Ganda is a well-known name in the Filipino comedy. He wears several professional hats to his personality including those of a comedian, talk show host, actor, television presenter, entrepreneur, beauty influencer and singer. He is regularly seen hosting ABS-CBN’s variety show aired during noontime. 

He has also appeared in several films and eight of them were among the highest grossing ones in the world of Philippine cinemas. Originally named as Jose Marie Borja Viceral, Vice Ganda was born on March 31, 1976 in Manila, Philippines.  

How much is the net worth of Vice Ganda? 

Vice Ganda’s net worth is $2 million and he is a Filipino comedian. He has also appeared in popular movies and produced his own music. 

Vice Ganda is well-known for stand-up routines where he skilfully uses situational irony, observational comedy, and sarcasm related to human sexuality and Filipino culture.

Viceral has overtly admitted his gay orientation and is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights. 

Net Worth Of Vice Ganda: Quick Summary

NameVice Ganda, aka Jose Marie Borja Viceral
Net worth in 2021$2 million
Average salary$357,000
Instagram followersOver 10 million
Facebook followers16 million
Twitter followers14.2 million
Net worth of the YouTube channel ‘Vice Ganda ABS-CBN’$ 31.9K – $ 191K

In his renowned career duly supported by his popularity among his fans, he has been able to make a lot of money. Hence he is counted among the top paid actors and artists in the world today. 

Here we will look into his real time net worth, and many interesting pieces of information related to his wealth. 

Net Worth of Vice Ganda

As a successful performer across different genres, Vice Ganda could gather several laurels and successes in his career. His income is mainly from his performances on stage, television and movies.

According to many sources, Vice Ganda’s net worth in 2021 is $ 2 million. Roughly, this amount translates into €1,860,000 euros or £1,620,000 pounds. 

Vice Ganda as a Comedian

Vice Ganda initially started his career as a singer and then waded his way through comedy. He debuted as a comedian with Punchline and The Library. It was Andrew real, the owner of The Library who gave him the stage name as Vice Ganda. 

Vice Ganda spent many years developing the material he required for his performance by attending comedy clubs. His career shot up once he successfully showed up on televisions and got positive reviews from tabloid columns. Some of the famous comedians with whom he works are Pooh, Chocoleit, Rey Kilay and John Lapus.

Vice Ganda’s Television Appearances 

Vice Ganda showed up on many television series and several sitcoms like Dyosa, directed by Wenn V. Deramas. He gave supporting roles in the drama series Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik. Vice Ganda took part in Showtime, a talent search program in 2009 and eventually became the presenter or judge which he retains to this day.

Maalaala Mo Kaya, the dramatic anthology projects his biography narrating the bullying he underwent during his young years due to his homosexual orientation.  

Apart from Showtime, Vice Gandan is also hosting the Sunday talk show, and the Gandang Gabi Vice, which has always received high ratings. At present, Vice Ganda is managed by ABS-CBN, and Deo Endrinal, the head of the business unit, is handling him. 

After the local entertainment columnist Ogie Diaz, the business unit head of the firm managed him for four years, Vice Ganda found a place among the judges in Pilipinas Got Talent.  

Vice Ganda in Films

Initially, Vice ganda did some minor roles in films like Condo with Coco Martin and In My Life. In 2010, he acted in Petrang Kabayo, a remade comedy film. This movie became a big hit. 

In 2011, he appeared in the movie Praybeyt Benjamin along with Derek Ramsay, under the direction of Wenn V. Deramas. This was the first movie produced locally to bag ticket sales of around 300 million pesos overtaking the box office success of Petrang Kabayo.

In 2012, Vice Ganda acted in a comedy movie This Guy’s in Love with U Mare directed by Wenn V. Deramas. The other movies that followed were Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy in 2013, and the Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin in 2014, which was officially entered for the MMFF. 

Directed by Wenn V. Deramas, Vice Ganda starred in the movie Beauty and the Bestie, which was entered officially for the MMFF 2015. Vice appeared in 2 blockbuster movies Fantastica and The Mall and The Merrier released in 2018 and 2019. At present, Vice Ganda has signed a contract with VIVA Films.

Vice Ganda’s Works in Music

Lakas Tama, Vice Ganda’s first studio album was released in 2011 which comprises pop and novelty songs like “Palong Palo”. He has also contributed to Showtime’s compilation album released by Star Records. Vice Ganda released his self-titled second album in 2013 eventually releasing his third album #Trending in 2014.

How Does Vice Ganda Spend His Money?

While guesting on KrisTV, he admitted that he spends lavishly on clothes and shoes. During this interview, he too repeated what he said many times earlier, “I Know how it feels to have a sufficient amount of money and that is why I am very careful how I spend my hard-earned money.”

Nevertheless, Vice Ganda has a fancy for many things in life and is seen splurging on many huge expenses besides making some wise investments for the future too. The main line of his spending is on clothes and shoes.

He has purchased a massive three-storey house for his mother in Quezon city. 

To celebrate his leisure time, the comedian has invested in a lavishly priced yacht worth more than $1 million, where he spends his vacation along with his family and friends. 

He has also customized his van Toyota LXV with the most modern amenities for a luxurious ride. The interior of the van was designed by Atoy Customs, a premier vehicle interior designer in the country. 

How Much Has Vice Ganda Given For Charity?

Vice Ganda is seen supporting several philanthropic causes. He raised funds to provide remedies to the Rolly and Ulysses Typhoon victims.

During Covid-19 pandemic, he donated masks and other supplies to support the frontline workers fighting the crisis. He and his team supplied boxes of masks, medical gloves, other disposables, alcohol, safety goggles, disinfectants and other essentials during the pandemic to several hospitals. 

He too announced financial assistance to his employees working for his cosmetics line known as Vice Cosmetics.

Social Media Popularity of Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda is very active on social media and his Instagram account reached 10 million followers in November 2021. His Facebook account is followed by 16 million, while 14.2 million follow him on Twitter.    

Vice Ganda’s YouTube channel known as Vice Ganda ABS-CBN has a net worth of $24,000 in November 2021. 85.1M. Till November 2021, the channel has posted 285 videos, attracted 85.1 million views and has 4.73 million subscribers. 

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