Net worth of the ace family

How Much Is The Net Worth Of ACE Family 2022?

Wondering how much is the net worth of ACE Family? Read here to find out ACE Family’s net worth, about the YouTube channel, income, charity works etc. here. 

Ace Family, the YouTube channel from America is an initiative by Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz.

 Ace Family is among the top viewed channels on this social media platform making a huge money for the founders thanks to the overwhelming number of subscribers throughout the globe. 

This channel publishes comedy videos, pranks, challenges, reactions and vlogs that have allured millions on the globe to view and subscribe and follow this channel. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of ACE Family?

ACE Family is a Youtube channel started by an American Couple Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz. Their current net worth is $22 million. 

While there are YouTube channels run by couple, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have made something new by including their children and making The Ace family a family channel. 

Statistics show that this channel has over 19 million subscribers and 32 million followers across their multiple platforms. The cumulative views on this platform is a whopping 4.1 billion in number. 

By founding and managing one of the most influential channels on YouTube, the founders have been able to make a huge wealth. It is highly interesting to know how much is their net worth, how they have managed to earn so much and what they do with their huge money. 

Net Worth Of ACE Family

We get different figures from different sources about Ace Family’s net worth ranging from $2 million to $22 million. However, the reliable approach to finding the net worth of the Ace family is to calculate the combined net worth of the family. 

As per celebrity net worth, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz seem to have a net worth of US $2 million each thus making the Ace family’s combined net worth estimated at US$ 4 million.

ace family net worth

The Ace family makes money from different sources. Their primary income is from the YouTube views their content generates. Just by documenting their family life on social media over five years has helped them earn a significant portion of their wealth.

 Also, they earn from advertisements and YouTube premium subscribers. In addition, they too make a lot of money from outside YouTube from other activities like employment. Several companies pay them tens of thousands of dollars on sponsorship deals.

Some of the products the Ace family promotes include The Cooking Fever App, Dollar Shave Club, Best Fiends etc. The family also earns from a wide range of ACE family merchandise sold online like hats, t-shirts, water bottles, socks, phone accessories and hoodies with different prints and stickers.

the ace family new house

 The average price of the custom made goods of the ACE Family is around $20 and $100. The other ways in which they make money include action, modeling, and social networking. 

About the ACE Family YouTube Channel

The ACE Family YouTube channel was started in 2016. This channel features Austin McBroom, a former NCAA star, Catherine Paiz Mc Brown, his wife and their three kids Alaia, Elle and Steel. 

The initial channel name ACE was derived from the first letters of the couple Austin and Catherine and their first daughter Ellie. 

This channel treats the fans following the trend of the influencer culture. The contents posted are centered on the home dynamics of the affluent family, the pranks and viral challenges.

A typical upload on the channel would be a sort of window to the luxurious lifestyle the family enjoys on a daily basis at their very expensive household.

The kids and their parents are the predominant focus on the channel. The approach is a sort of ‘day in the life’ kind of stuff making people see an opulent lifestyle, unique of its kind.

During the early days of launching the channel, they uploaded videos centered on their dating life replete with silly pranks and gags. 

After Catherine got pregnant with their first child, the vlog took the shape of a family reality show in the lines of the Kardashian clan, the social media maven family. Evolving into a vlog format of its own kind, content of this type on ACE Family earned over 19.1 million subscribers to the channel. 

New uploads on the channel are seen once in a week on average, sometimes twice in a week. Most of their videos earn view counts numbering in millions. Over the years, the ACE Family has gathered over 4 million views. 

The family’s online stores gain immensely from the subscribers and followers of their social media and thus they too make a huge income ensuing from the sale of merchandise. 

One good thing that got them started well and successfully on YouTube vlogging was the fact that both of them had their own independent accounts on social media platforms like Instagram that were already very popular. 

Their YouTube vlogging on ACE Family gained immensely from the popularity they already enjoyed. Their YouTube channel took off when they started having kids.

By 2018 in just less than two years of starting the channel, they had 10 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. Eventually, they promoted merchandise also and adopted the influencer marketing strategy used by the modern content creators to amass more wealth.

ACE Family’s Income from YouTube

The ACE Family YouTube channel has around 20 million subscribers and this number is growing rapidly with around 7,000 new subscriptions in a day. The channel has attracted over 4.5 billion views so far. Views from different sources average to about 850,000 a day. 

YouTubers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia get paid at the rate of $2 – $12 per thousand views. After deducting the profits for YouTube, the range for the monetized views will be between 40% and 80% of the total views.

 Rich companies can also target ads on the 5% of most popular content. In addition, YouTubers also make money from YouTube Red viewers who pay monthly premiums for watching ad-free videos. On average, the ACE Family makes not less than $5 million from their YouTube channel account alone. 

Real Estate Investments of the Ace Family

McBroom and Paiz have purchased a huge mansion in Los Angeles in a $10 million worth deal. In a message sent to their fans and followers, the ACE Family said they merged two recently built mansions into one gigantic home. 

In responding to some criticisms targeting the extravaganza about the home deal, Catherine said, “Just so you guys know, I feel like a lot of people are always like, ‘Oh, why do they need such a big house,’ but to be honest with you, we have so many people that stay with us all the time.” 

There are also some news circulated on the media accompanied by the screenshots of legal documents suggesting that the Ace family is facing eviction due to their mortgaged home loan being foreclosed on account of defaulting a number of monthly dues. 

A Zillow posting says the address of the home has been blocked out, “WHO COULD’VE SEEN THIS COMING: Ace Family allegedly facing eviction on their home after allegedly failing to make mortgage and tax payments, according to documents posted on several internet forums. — Def Noodles (@defnoodles) July 5, 2021”

To shut the spread of such rumors that the ACE family is losing their home, Austin noted on Instagram accompanied by his photo shot from the house’s balcony, “Stop [capping] on me and my family’s name. Ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the haters say on the internet. If we were moving we would have informed the world and a whole YouTube video about it. Have a good rest of your day.” 

Controversies and Lawsuits of ACE Family

With regard to the payouts at the Social Gloves event, the Ace Family is facing some lawsuits. The TikTokers vs. YouTubers social battle was headed by Austin McBroom and he won his bout against Bryce Hall via stoppage. 

Subify LLC and Ahern Rentals sued Austin for not paying the influencers involved in the bout since Austin owned the company that organized several events participated by these influencers, tweeted Tana Mongeau. 

Projections show that the event would have raked over 500,000 buys. However, after the event, the organizers said only 136,000 PPVs were sold.

A recent post observed, “INSTANT REGRET: Ace Family facing 2 more lawsuits. One filed April 2021 by construction equipment rental company; other filed September 2020 by social media company, which appears to be pending.

Ace Family allegedly facing total of 3 lawsuits, pre-foreclosure, and paying fighters – Def Noodles (@defnoodles) July 6, 2021” Yet another lawsuit was about Catherine’s 1212 line of skincare products. 

ACE family’s Social Media Following

The married partners Austin and Catherine are highly popular influencers on social media. Catherine’s Instagram page has an overwhelming 8.1 million followers.

On her twitter account, there are 1.7 million followers. On Instagram, Austin has 7.1 members following and on twitter the followers number to around 1.7 million. Their children’s Instagram accounts have more than a million followers. 

ACE Family Charity Works

ACE family also has done a significant contribution to charity and philanthropic activities. On June 29, 2021, they conducted the annual celebrity basketball tournament at the Staples center to raise funds for several charities.