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Wondering how much is the net worth of Ranz Kyle? Check out Ranz Kyle’s net worth along with career highlights, sources of earning, and a lot more. Read further to know more about it. 

The Filipino dancer Ranz Kyle is a very popular social media personality. Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee was born in 1997 and attained a thumping fame by producing dance covers with his sister Niana Guerrero. Ranz showed his deep interest in dance from his ninth year. 

The beginnings of his career is noted as the member of boy band Chicser, which he joined in 2010. He uploaded his first video on YouTube in 2011 when he was just 14 years old and the title of the video was ‘Fast Forward-Jaicko C Walk’. 

How much is the net worth of Ranz Kyle?

Ranz Kyle is a very popular social media personality and a dancer on YouTube. His current net worth is about $1.5 million in November 2021. 

He became universally popular on YouTube along with his sister Niana Guerrero by publishing their dance covers. He has also posted one of the most popular videos of his groups titled “Teach Me How to Dougie by Chicser ”. 

His YouTube channel has over 14.3 million subscribers at present. Ranz Kyle net worth is an interesting topic as he has amassed a huge wealth in such a young age.

Net Worth Of Ranz Kyle

As a highly popular YouTube star, Ranz Kyle is also one of the richest out there. Ranz Kyle’s net worth in 2021 is approximately $1.5 million. On his YouTube channel, Ranz Kyle salary per month from YouTube is about $8.5K to $135.7K. In a year Ranz Kyle YouTube makes between $101.8K and $1.6M.

Ranz Kyle is one of the most successful YouTube stars. He is ranked among the famous individuals born on May 6, 1997. He is also one of the richest YouTube stars in the Philippines. 

Ranz is counted among the most popular YouTube stars with over 7 million subscribers following him on the channel named after him. Alongwith his sister Niana Guerrero, he makes up one of the best dance duos of all time. The majority of Ranz Kyle’s earnings are from his YouTube videos.

Ranz Kyle Journey so Far

Right from his early childhood, the only dream Ranz had was to make a career on social media platforms. He always wanted to become a YouTube star which he achieved quickly at a very young age.  

As pioneers of #SiblingGoals, Ranz Kyle and his sister Niana Guerrero have become quite popular personalities on the social media channels. Their immense popularity on this video sharing platform has contributed to the massive Ranz Kyle and Niana net worth.

When Ranz was just making a debut on YouTube, he only posted a video of his dance troupe Chicser’s performance. Sometime later in 2015, he danced with his sister Niana and posted his videos consequently shooting to universal fame.

Now Ranz is a hardcore YouTuber publishing enthusiastically received content with his family and siblings. His YouTube vlogs are centered on genres like dance, challenges, comedy and pranks. Occasionally, Ranz also makes appearances in some acting roles.

In 2015 he starred in Ex Ko ang Idol Niyo, a mini-series based on Wattpad and in 2016, he provided a supporting role in teleserye Ang Panday. 

All the Guerrero siblings are making so much money on the YouTube channel. Niana, younger sister of Ranz has her own channel that is swelling with a huge number of subscribers. Natalia, the youngest sister of Ranz has uploaded only one video in her channel, but has attracted over 411,000 subscribers so far. 

The most sensationally successful dances he has published are the ones choreographed for Chris Brown’s ‘I Should Have Kissed You’, and Trey Songz’s ‘Bomb’.  

Ranz Kyle is also seen acting in some films and has offered different roles for a number of networks. Through his hard work and dedicated approach, he has reached new heights.

He always acknowledges the unfailing support of his mother to try new things. Ranz is highly innovative and creative which has helped him become highly successful in the world of entertainment.

Ranz’s Interesting Life with His Family

Ranz Kyle was born on 6 May 1997 and his father is Lanz Ongsee and mother is Elcid Evidenre. He has a sister named Chelsea Hilary Evidente Ongsee. At a point, their parents separated and Ranz had a stepfather known as Nino Guerrero who fathered two daughters Niano Guererro and Natalia Guererro. 

Ranz shared several interests with his half-sisters especially Niano and hence this duo became highly successful on YouTube and social media with their dances and vlogs they produced together.  

Ranz is highly involved with his family and together they enjoy a happy time in several ways. In 2021, Ranz celebrated his father’s birthday by inventing a Nasa theme with dresses carrying the Nasa logo and the party arranged in a Nasa setting.

On Christmas 2020, he got a ps5. Ranz takes his family and friends on frequent trips and tours to interesting places, especially beaches. 

For one of his vlogs, he wore the Iron Man dress and later revealed that it was one of the hardest costumes worn on the earth since one cannot sit after wearing it. The entire family made fried cake at 12am to celebrate his birthday in 2020. In most of his Instagram feeds, Ranz is seen dancing with Niana and Natalia, his half-siblings. 

Ranz Kyle and Naina 

Ranz actively partnered with his half-sister Niana in his career producing and publishing dancing videos with her. These two have a massive number of followers on their YouTube and social media channels and they are in fact the latest sensations on social media. 

They both together produce a long list of video covers and a large number of hilarious videos on top selling themes. Ranz and Niana started collaborating in 2016. Since then, they have successfully produced some of the most watched vlogs for YouTube.

While talking to ABS-CBN News Ranz remarked, “Sometimes we just dance out of nowhere when we hear a beat, and realise how similar our moves are. It’s been great dancing with my little sister”. 

Their recent vlog titled as ‘Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You’ has gone viral and has attracted 33 million views within a very short time, a highly admired vlog by Ranz Kyle subscribers. On Facebook, Ranz has over 13 million followers while Niana has more than 23 million followers. 

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero YouTube Channel Statistics 

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero make up one of the most successful duos on YouTube. Notably, they are also among the highest paid YouTubers from the Philippines. Niana is the sixth highest paid vlogger on YouTube from the Philippines and Ranz is in the tenth position among the highest paid vloggers on YouTube. 

Ranz Kyle YouTube channel has a total number of 11.9 million subscribers. The average monthly channel views are estimated at 32.2 million and the total views generated so far is 1.12 billion. 

On an average, Ranz uploads around 5 videos in a month. There are more than 413 videos on his YouTube channel. He has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 7 million followers on Facebook. On his Twitter account, more than 754 k people follow him. 

Niana Guerrero YouTube channel has a total number of 10.9 subscribers. On average, this channel is watched 37.92 million times in a month. This channel has attracted 768 million views so far. 

Niana is notably the recipient of the ‘Diamond Play’ button which is an award given to YouTube creators who have successfully crossed 10 million subscribers. In fact, not more than 700 channels have landed on this honor so far. The main themes of Niana’s vlogs are her dance with her older brother Ranz, entertainment content, family-friendly lifestyle, etc. 

Awards and Honors of Ranz Kyle

Ranz Kyle has bagged the 2019 Kids Choice Awards for being the favorite Pinoy Internet Star in the year.

He has also got the CICP Spotlight Awards in 2020 together with Niana for being recognized as the entertainment champion. In 2020, he also got the Diamond Creator Award given to YouTube creators. 

Breaking the Ground for Kyle’s Dream House

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero have recently conducted the groundbreaking ceremony for their new house which they have been dreaming of for several years.

The two social media stars have invested to make this house come true and their father said all the members of the family are now actively contributing to build the house. 

Sharing his excitement in a vlog released on June 30, 2021, Ranz said, “We, as a family, bought a lot. You know, this has been there for a while now. Like years ago. This is the only time na magsta-start ‘yung groundbreaking.” 

Planned years back, the groundbreaking was delayed due to the pandemic. Ranz said he would have a loft in the house which will be his mini-house, “I wanted a loft ‘cause I wanted my own place. So there’s like a small kitchen, a small bar, a living room”. Their mother too said the family was very happy that they will land on their own new house after a long time. 

Ranz drives his own car. It is a Ford Mustang and he lovingly calls his car a horse Mustang. Ranz celebrates each of his successes in a highly innovative manner. He had a grand celebration when his YouTube following crossed one million.

Ranz loves playing video games and his room is well-equipped with the latest equipment in the gaming industry. He takes delight in giving a makeover to his room in several innovative ways and posts the updates on his social media pages. 

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