How Much Is The Net Worth Of Patrick Warburton 2021?


Are you looking for the net worth of Patrick Warburton? So read further to know more about Patrick Warburton’s net worth and what’s going on in his life recently. 

Patrick Warburton is a widely popular voice, film, and television actor. From various animated films to working in Family Guy, Patrick’s career has seen lots of success. Moreover, he has also managed to get a few decent roles in Hollywood movies and many popular video games. 

How much is the net worth of Patrick Warburton?

Patrick Warburton is a widely popular voice, film, and television actor whose net worth is $20 million in August 2021.

So, how much is the net worth of Patrick Warburton? After beginning his career from a show called ‘Seinfeld’, Patrick has successfully managed to make a name for himself. Hence, Patrick Warburton’s net worth currently stands at $20 million. 

But, how did that all happen for him? And, how did he become Joe Swanson of Family Guy? Let’s find out!

Net Worth of Patrick Warburton

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Patrick Warburton has a net worth of $20 million in 2021. The biggest reason behind this success is his deep voice and large stature. Born on 14 November 1964, Patrick Warburton studied Marine Biology during his college days. 

However, the actor ultimately decided to drop out as he always wanted to pursue a full-time career in acting and modeling. 

Luckily, Patrick gained some early recognition especially due to his deep voice through the role of David Puddy in a sitcom called Seinfeld. From there, Patrick’s career received a positive jump start as he went on starring for various sitcoms in American television history. 

Patrick Warburton’s Net Worth Timeline

After making his debut through Seinfield, Patrick gained more and more recognition for his roles such as Jeb Denton on Less Than Perfect, Jeff Bingham on Rules of Engagement, and the title role on The Tick. 

Hence, his earning and net worth also grew significantly. According to various reports, the famous actor was earning around $50,000 in 2005.

However, the number changed significantly, and by 2010, he was earning $85,000 for a show called ‘Rules of Engagement’ as his salary. 

Apart from this, the actor is also earning almost a similar amount of $85,000 for his voiceover in Family Guy. After such hefty earnings, it’s no surprise that Patrick Warburton’s net worth is around $30 million and is likely to only grow from here. 

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Patrick Warburton’s Wealth Comparison with Seinfeld Cast

Despite working under a plethora of projects, Patrick Warburton is mostly famous for his role in Seinfeld. Moreover, the cast of the show is still in contact today and the connection between them has never been down.

However, for some reason, Patrick Warburton avoided Jerry Seinfeld on the set and never remained in contact with him.

Later through an interview, another cast member, Jason Alexander who played the role of George, cleared the air. He further added that the cast of Seinfeld have a working relationship and they never considered each other ‘friends’.

Hence, Patrick decided to avoid Jerry only for valid reasons, without sparking any controversy. 

As of now, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth stands around $950 million in 2021. On the other hand, Patrick’s coworker Jason Alexander has a net worth of $50 million. 

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Career Accomplishments of Patrick Warburton

Apart from having a great television entertainment career, Patrick’s film career is no fluke either.

After making his debut in 1987 through a movie called Fragonard, he went on to work in more than 30 Hollywood movies. Men in Black II in 2002, Ted in 2012, and Ted 2 in 2015 are some of his career’s best movies so far. 

As an iconic voice actor in American Industry, he has put his voice to use for multiple animated movies and TV programs. From Joe Swanson on Family Guy to Flynn in Skylanders, Patrick Warburton has played tons of voice roles throughout his whole career. 

Luckily, his efforts for the entertainment industry never went unnoticed as he received a fair amount of awards in his career. His first awards nomination came in 2001 for his work in The Emperor’s New Groove under the Best Voice-Over Performance Category.

 Later in 2006, Patrick won the award of Best Actor for his work in ‘The Civilization of Maxwell Bright’ at the Boulder International Film Festival Award. 

Patrick Warburton has also been nominated for a few other awards such as Annie Award for Voice Acting and Daytime Emmy Awards’ Outstanding Performer. 

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Patrick Warburton’s Other Works and Charities

Apart from doing a great job in the entertainment industry, Patrick Warburton remained active with the advertisement industry as well. 

The actor started working with National Car Rental in 2014 and has remained active with them since then. Moreover, the company revealed several commercials that featured Patrick Warburton in their advertising campaign. 

In addition, Patrick has been the voice of Carrier Corporation, the voice of Superman for American Express, and the lead voice for Apple in 2009. 

As for the charities, Patrick Warburton has quietly helped St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by raising more than $15 million since 2011. Recently in 2020, The Warburton Golf tournament successfully raised a whopping amount of $3.6 million. 

However, in April 2021, the actor decided to change the theme from a golf tournament to a virtual musical event and auction due to COVID-19. Luckily, the event lived up to its expectations and featured many famous songwriters such as Wynn Varble, Jim Collins, Tim Nichols, Rivers Rutherford, etc. 

Patrick Warburton’s Lifestyle, Assets and Social Media

The New Jersey-born actor currently resides in Woodland Hills, California with his wife Cathy Jennings and four children. He bought this California-based luxury home back in 2012 and now its estimated value in the real estate market is around $1.8 million.

Moreover, Patrick has some of the most luxurious cars including brands like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and Dodge. Other than that, the actor has kept most of the information private as he prefers a less controversial life away from the daily media’s hassle. 

Currently, Patrick Warburton is active on both Twitter and Instagram with the same username ‘paddywarbucks’. On Instagram, the actor has an impressive following of more than 111k people.

As for his Twitter profile, Patrick has more than 107k followers and he’s following 861 people as well.

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