Net Worth Of Kanye West

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kanye West 2022?

Wondering how much is the net worth of Kanye West? Well, check out further to find out Kanye West’s net worth, career timeline, charity work, and a lot more below. 

Kanye West, named Kanye Omari West upon his birth, was born in Atlanta on 8 June 1977 and grew up in Chicago. 

Kanye West is a famed American rapper and singer who has several other hats to his personality including those of a record producer, songwriter, businessman, and fashion designer. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kanye West?

Kanye West is a famous American rapper and singer whose current net worth is $6.6 million in September 2021.

The hip-hop superstar became a billionaire when his sneaker and apparel business Yeezy went in for a tie up with Adidas AG and Gap Inc., as per a Bloomberg Report. Expected to hit the stores in the second half of 2021, the worth of this deal could be around $970 million as per bank estimates. 

Let’s look at how much is the net worth of Kanye West below: 

Net Worth of Kanye West 

As per a Bloomberg report, Kanye West has a net worth of $6.6 billion that shot up significantly after Yeezy, West’s sneaker and apparel business went in for a tie-up with Adidas and Gap. 

Estimated to be between $3.2 and 4.7 billion, the total worth of the new tie-up expected to go on sales over this summer is valued at $970 million. 

An unaudited balance sheet of Kanye West provided by his lawyer shows up $122 million in cash and stock investments, over $1.7 billion invested in a range of assets like Skims, an underwear label from Kim Kardas. Earlier in 2020, the entire portfolio of Kanye’s label was valued at $110.5 million.

Kanye West’s $6.6 billion net worth in 2021 makes him the richest black American. However, according to Forbes, West’s net worth could be a bit less than one-third of $6.6 billion saying that the “sky-high estimate” is the result of West’s attempts to project an inflated picture of his net worth. 

Forbes also said that Gap collaboration will not speculate any value “until the products start to sell.” 

Facts about Kanye West net worth

If we go by the figure of $6.6 billion net worth of Kanye West, he is now richer than Robert Smith, the founder of Vista Equity Partners and World Wide Technology David Steward, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey, and hence he will be the richest black person in America. 

While attempting to track the wealth stats of Kanye West, Forbes published a post in which it pushed the figure back saying that the figures published by Bloomberg were not true as per Forbes calculations saying, “Forbes estimates he’s worth less than a third of that, or $1.8 billion.”

Madeline Berg of Forbes wrote, “The Bloomberg story cites a UBS report on his businesses — the same document Forbes saw earlier this month. The bank made a number of assumptions based on projected future earnings, particularly for Yeezy Gap, which hasn’t even launched yet. Bank documents like this are well-known for painting best-possible-scenario future valuations.”

In the same post, she too has said, “Forbes’ much more grounded number is based on that old-fashioned idea of current revenues — not theoretical future expectations. Yeezy Gap has brought in no revenue, let alone any profits.”

Even when we go by the much lower estimate of West’s net worth given by Forbes at $1.8 billion, his wealth is seen redeemed from its lowest watermark of 2016 when West revealed that he had $53 million in debt and was requesting Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to invest $1 billion in his ideas.

Kanye West’s Career Timeline

2000 saw the major breakthrough in Kanye West’s career in the entertainment industry when he started producing for the Roc-A-Fella Records, joining artists like Ludacris, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson. West’s works on The Blueprint, Jay-Z’s 2001 album brought West’s producing talents to the limelight.

Though West’s initial success was from the hat of a producer, he seriously dreamt of becoming a rapper. In 2001, Capitol Records denied him a contract and he convinced the album to sign him to Roc-A-Fella Records.

net worth of kanye west

In 2002, he broke his jaws in a car crash, and with wired jaws, he recorded the song Through the Wire. This success laid the foundation for ‘The College DropOut’, his debut album released in 2004. This label earned him triple platinum certification in the US and 10 Grammy Award nominations. 

West spent an impressive two million dollars in the production of his second album Late Registration released in 2005 and it sold more than 2.3 million units in just one year in the US. 

The other albums that followed were Graduation in 2007, 808s & Heartbreak released in 2008, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy selling in 2010, Watch the Throne released in 2011, Yeezus published in 2013, The Life of Pablo sold in 2016, Ye in 2018, and Jesus is King released in 2019. 

In 2017, West was nominated for 6 Grammy Awards. Besides producing albums, West also worked with several other musicians like 6ix9ine, XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, and Teyana Taylor. 

Year Wise Earnings of Kanye West

Net Worth Of Kanye West

Kanye West’s Future prospects of Yeezy Gap Tie Up

UBS Group of the Swiss Investment Bank has estimated that the Adidas and Gap tie-up will break $150 million in sales in the year 2022 during the partnership’s first year. Within 8 years, the venture’s revenue is expected to cross a billion dollars. 

Since West is the sole owner of the Yeezy brand, he stands to gain immensely from the venture in the form of royalties. 

The rates are bound to go up with the growth of the business. West will also receive stock warrants when the collection will hit the set sales targets. A security filing estimates that the highest sale could touch $700 million.

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Among the several business ideas of Kanye West, the long-term deal signed up with Adidas is the most lucrative one. Yeezy sneakers are selling on top volumes and in just one year, the brand’s annual revenues grew by $1.7 billion growing the brand by 31%. 

Yeezy royalties for the year netted at $191 million. West has been in business with the company since 2013 and the current deal signed up now will run till 2026. 

West’s journey with Yeezy– Adidas

For quite a long, West has nurtured a deep interest in fashion. His 2009 Air Yeezys sneaker made him the first non-athlete to finalize a lucrative shoe deal with Nike.

He has also designed shoes with brands like Louis Vuitton, Bape, and Giuseppe Zanotti. In addition, in 2011 and 2012, he has also launched two clothing lines at Paris Fashion Week.

West collaborated with Adidas on shoes in 2013. When the Yeezy Boost 750 sneaker in “Light Brown” was sold on the Adidas mobile app on February 14, 2015, the entire stock was sold out in 10 minutes.

Till 2017, the Yeezy sneaker collaboration with Adidas released about 19 colors and 6 designs. West’s clothing line collaborated with Adidas on 3 seasons in 2015.

In June 2016, Adidas signed up a long-term contract with Kanye West encouraged by the success of the early joint ventures. Kanye earns 10% royalty on the income Adidas makes on the collaborated products. Kanye owns 100% ownership of the Yeezy apparel. 

G.O.O.D Music and other ventures of Kanye West

Kanye started G.O.O.D Music, a record label and production company in 2004. The company name is the acronym for “getting out our dreams.” The label had signed up with artists including Kanye West, Common, Big Sean, John Legend, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Q-Tip, and Kacy Hill.

West also owns KW Foods LLC., which has the right over Chicago’s Fatburger fast-food chain. West created DONDA, a creative content company in 2012 in memory of his late mother Donda West. 

kanye west music career

West is also the co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal, together with some artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Chris Martin. The majority of the stakeholders in the company own about 3% interests in the firm’s equities.

Kanye West’s Charity Works

One of his philanthropic ventures is the Kanye West Foundation, which supports the education of African American and Latino children. Kanye West also dedicates his time, skills, and money to support some valuable public causes like Hurricane Katrina relief, World Water Day, and Live Earth.

Real Estate Owned by Kanye West

In the US, Kanye West has homes, lands and buildings worth over $120 million. West lives is a large and luxurious estate located in Hidden Hills, California, a suburb of LA. 

This estate is made of multiple connected parcels and the first of it was purchased in 2014 across two different deals totaling to $23 million. During the first iteration, the property saw a new mansion rising on the 4.5 acres property. 

Over several years, he and his wife indulged in customizing and expanding the home with a huge spend of several million dollars. In 2019, the estate saw its expansion by purchasing the neighboring properties and attaining an expanse of 7.5 acres. 

In real estate transactions alone, West spent about $28.5 million in creating the Hidden Hills estate, spending a few more millions on renovations. The present value of the Hidden Hills property is more than $70 million.

West’s one other property includes the 320-acre estate on Stokes Canyon Road in Calabasas valued at $16 million.

This estate houses his Sunday Services. In this estate, he wanted to build a line of domed structures. However, the LA County Building Commission shut down this estate on permission issues.

West’s other properties include the Bighorn Mountain Ranch, the 6,700-acre ranch located in Wyoming worth $15 million, the 1,400-acre ranch known as The Monster Lake Ranch worth $14 million, and a $2 million worth commercial property situated in Cody, Wyoming. 

The total value of the assets owned by Kanye West in California is $90 million while his real estate assets in Wyoming are valued together at $30 million. As per the public records, the total value of the real estate West owns is $120 million.