How Much Is The Net Worth Of Hiriam Hicks 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of Hiriam Hicks? Well, check out further to find out Hiriam Hicks’s net worth, controversies, and a lot more below. 

Hiriam Hicks, an American entrepreneur is popularly known to the world as the husband of Pooh Hicks, the famous television star. Hiriam Hicks was born in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

He was formerly the President and CEO of Island Black Music, which is now known by the name Island Records. From this position, Hiriam Hicks has signed over 30 leading artists and has helped TLC, New Edition, and Bell Biv Devoe to build their careers. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Hiriam Hicks?

Hiriam Hicks is an American entrepreneur and the former president and CEO of Island Black Music. His current net worth is $12 million.

His wife Pooh Hicks was a cast member on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta ”. She has been on the show since season eight, connected with the show right from season eight. Hiriam was also seen often on the show in order to support his wife. 

Hiram’s Rock and Band had signed a number of leading artists. Hiriam Hicks attained immense popularity for his work on Eddie’s (1996) Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996), Unsung (2008) and the TV series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2019). 

Net Worth Of Hiriam Hicks

In 2021, Hiriam Hicks’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. Much of his earnings are from his career as an executive producer. Some of his best creations that fetched him a lot of money were ‘Hits’, ‘The best of bell big device’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Sacred love songs’ ‘shamrocks and shenanigans’ and many others. 

Net Worth Of Hiriam Hicks

He has made a huge fortune by selling over 400+9 million records. In his career, he has also won more than 30 Grammy awards. 

Hiriam Hicks was also seen working in the music industry producing a few albums like ‘Gold’, ‘Poison’, ‘Unsung’, ‘Dru Hill’, ‘Back to the oldskool’, ‘Crucial’, ‘Never make a promise’, ‘Pure soul 1997’, ‘Street Gospel’, ‘We can get down’ and many others. 

His YouTube channel is also generating a huge income for him year on year. 

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Hiriam Hicks’ Controversial Marriage Life

Hiriam Hicks is popularly known as the husband of Pooh Hicks. She is a socialite hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Both of them met when Pooh Hicks was working as a stripper. 

As per many sources, Pooh Hicks is openly a bisexual and both of them have an open marriage. Pooh joined the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta supporting cast in season eight. During the episode, some serious controversies about the couple came up.

Pooh revealed that she was the estranged former friend of Karlie. She too said that the two had a threesome relationship with her husband Hiriam Hicks. 

When Pooh Hicks revealed this publicly, a violent feud erupted between Pooh and Karlie. Later, Pooh Hicks also entered into feuds with Tokyo, Shekinah, and Sierra. During the reunion, Karlie snatched her wig. The reunion also brought to the surface that Hiriam and she were not married legally. 

While addressing a few controversies about her marriage with Hiriam Hicks for about 11 years, Pooh Hicks said that she and her husband Hiriam always had an open relationship and had threesomes now and then. 

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Controversies Surrounding Hiriam Hicks Career

The career of Hiriam Hicks is surrounded by a few controversies. In the year 2017, Stephanie Mills severed her business relationship with Hiriam Hicks after both of them landed on some issues related to their financial dealings. 

Talking to NY Daily News, Stephanie said, “I decided to come forward to share this because I want to empower other artists to pay attention to their business affairs”. 

Later in a statement, Hiriam said, “Your Information is incorrect, Ms. Mills and I have an ongoing working relationship”. Meanwhile, Pooh asked Karlie to recall that she had been participating in a threesome with herself and her husband. 

She said in an interview, “I and my husband are sexually adventurous together, and Karlie you know you have explored with us plenty of times”.

Listening to this, Karlie did not keep quiet. She posted on Instagram, “My next pic will be you and your husband snorting coke. You and your husband steal money from Artists! Y’all stole Money from Stephanie Mills and Many more!”

Why Dru Hill Sued Hiriam Hicks, the Island Records Executive

A Baltimore-based R&B Dru Hill filed a complaint in the US district court for the Southern District of New York that she was subjected to coercion and intimidation by the agents of Island Records under the orders of Hiriam Hicks. 

The complaint alleged that “Hicks made a violent, unprovoked and life-threatening physical attack” on one of the group’s managers. 

In the complaint, the group had asked for immediate termination of their contract with the Island Records and a sum of $9 million in damages and $46 million in compensation for covering the punitive damages. 

The label issued a statement in response to the complaint which dismissed the allegations as “outrageous, attention-seeking and completely untrue.” Island Records also described that the court case was “nothing more than a bad-faith attempt to extract money from Island Records.”

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