How Much Is The Net Worth Of Henry Rollins 2021?


Looking for how much is the net worth of Henry Rollins? Read further to know about his net worth, career milestones, assets and a lot more. 

Henry Lawrence Garfield, the one you know as Henry Rollins. A celebrity personality who has done everything you can imagine in the entertainment business. Rollins is an admired writer, singer, actor, comedian and activist. 

Henry Rollins joined the band Black Flag in 1980, just after he became an enthusiastic stan of the band himself.

How Much Is the Net Worth Of Henry Rollins 2021?

Henry Rollins is a writer, singer, actor, comedian, and activist whose current net worth is $12 million in June 2021.

He hosts a weekly show KCRW, which is a radio show. Rollins is a former columnist for LA Weekly and currently writes for Rolling Stone America.

Rollins also formed the Rollins Band, active from the years 1987 to 2003. He is also an activist and has taken part in a plethora of protests.

The Net Worth of Henry Rollins

The dexterous entertainer, Henry Rollins stands at $12 million in June 2021, thanks to his noteworthy career span of music, television, and radio. The main sources of his income previously included concerts, ticket sales, and album sales.

Rollins is at a great place in his life, with zilch financial burdens or social tension. The old lucrative lad of 60 has earned a great deal from the books he wrote, his singing and his screenwriting career.

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A workaholic, Rollins’ golden days started since he joined Black Flag and formed the hardcore punk State of Alert, with his annual earnings grossing up to $100,000 per year. 

He also worked in movies like The Chase, which crashed the box office to $7.2 million.  

Rollins has performed and worked with a lot of bands and eventually started his record and publishing company.

In the 2000s, Rollins started writing for Vanity Fair Magazines in an online blog. This later gave birth to the television series “The Henry Rollins Show” which he hosted himself

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Wealth Timeline of Henry Rollins


In 2019, Henry Rollins stood at $10 million. He did some great movies like Bruce McDonald’s Dreamland and Punk the Capital that year.

 One of his famous songs Rise Above also aired in 2019 on YouTube featuring Cyndi Lauper. Rise Above is one of the biggest hits in his entire career.


It is safe to say that Henry was more financially consistent than any other in the entertainment industry. Rollins grossed around $11.5 million in 2020.

He launched the ‘Cool Quarantine Show’ in April 2020. This was an in-home podcast that was hosted by Henry Rollins via Los Angeles’ KCRW. 

Henry has now retired from the music industry. Voicing his opinions for Rolling Stone America, Rollins has become a full-time writer.


Henry stands at $6 million as of today. A TV show host for almost 4 shows now, he has gladly earned his fortune.

He still operates and hosts the KCRW show weekly. Rollins also featured in the film Music, which collected $650,000 from the box office.

Henry Rollins’ Career Highlights

Harry, a music enthusiast from an early age, went on to join a punk band Black Flag in 1981. You could have often seen him performing at huge concerts in those days.

He made $100,000 per year when he was with the band. But after the band broke up in 1986, Henry went on to form Rollins Band.

In the 1980s, he produced an album of acoustic songs for a renowned felon Charles Mason, which earned him a substantial amount of money.

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 His music discography includes 14 albums with Rollins Band, 8 with Black Flag, 2 with State of Alert, 1 with Wartime and 3 solo albums. 28 albums throughout his lifetime!

His audiobooks, music discography, radio shows, writings and other music projects earned a total of $10 million over a span of 30 years. 

He appeared on radio shows like Alternative Nation in 1993 and MTV Sports in 1994. He also made appearances on a number of television shows like Welcome to Paradox in 1998.

It shows that Rollins loved the art of writing from an early age. His pen had become his best friend and he wrote books like “Now Watch Him Die” that also became his best-seller.

His book “Black Coffee Blues” also added to his well-endowed writing career.

What Made Henry Rollins an Icon?

Rollins adhered to music more than anyone ever would. With a demonstrated history of working as a frontman in 4 bands, he earned a great deal of his fortune through music. 

Henry also worked on audiobooks and spoken word projects. Throughout his journey, he has created 5 audiobooks, 17 spoken word albums and 12 spoken word videos.

He won a Grammy through his own autobiographical book Get in the Van.

From the 90s, Rollins also became a prominent actor, working in movies like The Chase, Heat and Jack Frost. Jack Frost collected $34.6 million from the box office while Bad Boys II collected a whopping $270 million from the box office. 

Some of his other great performances can be seen in movies like He Never Died, Jackass the Movie, Dogtown and Z-Boys and The New Guy.

Mark of Cain. Rollins is the voice actor behind mad Stan in Batman Beyond in 1999 and 2000.

In the 1980s, Rollins produced an album of acoustic songs for Charles Manson, a famed convict.

The album was called Completion but later he cancelled the project because Rollins started getting death threats for working and collaborating with Manson.

 His other productions include the album III at Ease for the Australian Rock Band.

Henry Rollins after the decade of 2010 retired from music and partly from movies to pursue his long-lost passion for writing. Henry was penchant towards books and literature.

How Much Is the Net Worth Of Henry Rollins

 He is a former columnist for the LA Weekly and currently writes for Rolling Stone Australia. Henry Rollins’ character was featured in a game called Def Jam: Fight for NY. 

Henry hosted shows like “The Henry Rollins Show” in the 2000s and “The Cool Quarantine Show” in 2020.

 Henry launched countless podcasts, audiobooks and spoken word albums throughout his career which made him a recognised voiceover artist.

 Henry Rollins has also appeared as a guest star in shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL) and. He has also been a guest star on Damian Cowell’s 2017 album Get Yer Dag On.

In September 2008, Rollins began contributing to “Politics & Power” at the online version of Vanity Fair Magazine.

Personal Assets and Holdings of  Henry Rollins

Henry revealed in an interview that he and his family lived long back in Washington DC.

Henry Rollins house in Washington DC is worth a little more than $500,000. Henry also owns a vacation home in LA’s Hollywood Hills, a traditional villa worth $1.5 million.

Henry purchased a mansion back in 1999 worth $700,000. Henry loves a luxurious lifestyle. His first car was a 14 Grand VW fastback which was gifted to him by his grandma.

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After Henry broke off from the Black Flag, he acquired a BMW 54 Oi worth around $60,000 and a Porsche Cabriolet costing approximately $120 Grand.

If you are in Los Angeles, you could see him drive to work in an Infiniti Mazda sedan. Henry Rollins is not drifted into any ludicrous tax controversies or financial depressions whatsoever.

Important Milestones and Philanthropic Works of Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has an incredible history of awards and nominations. The highlight of his career is celebrated with the Grammy he won for Best Spoken Word Album.

He was also nominated for and won the Behind the Voice Actors Awards (BTVA) in 2015 for his works in the Legend of Korra for the Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role. 

He was also nominated for the Best Actor for Fangoria Chainsaw Awards and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Fright Meter Awards in 2016.

An outspoken Human Rights Activist, Rollins always supported LGBT rights and voiced his opinions on the same. Experiencing a traumatic childhood himself, Rollins gave activism a huge role in his career. 

Rollins has cited this as the main catalyst of his “anti-homophobia”. The egalitarian of 60 promotes gender equality and speaks out for every wrongdoing that is executed in society.

Rollins was the host of the WedRock concert, a fundraiser for a pro-gay marriage organization. He also started touring with the United Service Organizations during the Iraq War and protested against the war.

Henry’s Story in a Nutshell

It was when Henry dropped out of American University to discover he had a thing for music. Henry has always been passionate about all sorts of entertainment in show business. 

He had a traumatic childhood where he was assaulted and harassed. Henry decides to stay unmarried and childless.

Henry made his first million after breaking off from the band Black Flag, in essence, when he formed the Rollins Band soon after. 

Henry made his debut in 1982’s The Slog Movie. Henry’s entire music discography constitutes the prime majority of his net worth. He produced more than 20 albums in his whole music career. He was a part of 4 bands and made 3 albums as a solo singer.

Henry has also hosted a number of shows like The Henry Rollins Show, 120 Minutes and Jackass. Henry has also actively been an activist, promoting LGBT rights, West Memphis Three and World Hunger Relief.

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