How Much Is The Net Worth Of Flavor Flav 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of Flavor Flav? Well, check out this article to know about his net worth, legal issues, expenditures, milestones, and a lot more below. 

William Jonathan Drayton, popularly known by his fandom as Flavor Flav, is an American rapper, hype man, and television personality and co-founder of the popular rap group Public Enemy.

How much is the net worth of Flavor Flav?

Flavor Flav aka William Jonathan Drayton is an American rapper whose current net worth is $2 million in 2021.

Born on March 16, 1959, in the city of Roosevelt, New York; Flav started playing the piano at the age of 5.

Within a couple of years, he became adept at several musical instruments such as the piano, drums, and guitar. People today say that he is a maestro with 15 instruments!

Drayton attended a culinary college in 1978. His first-ever collaboration on a hip-hop college radio show was with his best buddy, Chuck D. They later began rapping together.

The way he yells “Yeah, boyeeeee” has become a trademark and is not far from becoming a legacy.

Net Worth of Flavor Flav

As of 2021, Flavor Flav has the highest net worth at $2 million of his lifetime. Drayton amassed this massive net worth by consistently releasing rap albums in his prime and plenty of business investments. 

Net Worth Of Flavor Flav

His salary per month was recorded to be approximately $40,000. This grossed his earnings to a gigantic $480,000 in a single year. 

Flav, along with his mate Chuck D, co-founded the rap group Public Enemy in 1985. The discography of Public Enemy includes an estimated 15 studio albums and 40 music videos. The group has sold tens of millions of copies to date.

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Flavor Flav’s Work in the Music Industry

Flavor Flav rose to the pedestal as a founding member and hype man for the rap group “Public Enemy” in 1985.

In 1986, the group released “Public Enemy #1”, which drew the attention of Rick Rubin. Rubin was baffled by Flav’s role in the group and wanted to sign Chuck D as a solo act, but Chuck D insisted on both of them being signed.

After gaining traction for a couple of years, the group became much more popular in 1988 after releasing It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold us Back, which went all the way to double platinum.

Public Enemy became a sensation in the music industry. It got millions of fans excited and Flavor Flav’s back-to-back stage appearances got them a humongous amount of fame.

The first track released in which Flavor Flav went for a rap solo was “Life of a Nigerian” on Goat Ju Ju. The real show-stealer that made Flav’s rap renowned was the 1990 single “911 is a joke”.

Flavor flav milestone,

In 1999, Flav recorded with DJ Tomekk and Grandmaster Flash the single “1, 2, 3… Rhymes Galore” which amassed a different level of popularity. The single stayed in the top 10 German Charts for 17 weeks.

In 2006, during the second season of the reality tv show, Flavor of Love, Flav released his own album under his name Flavor Flav.

In March 2020, Public Enemy stated that it would be moving on without Flavor Flav to endorse Bernie Sanders at his Los Angeles Rally. After Flav’s disapproval and detest, the issue was resolved as a hoax.

Flav reached a good pace in life until the criminal charges that kept coming his way. But none of them stopped him. As of 2021, Public Enemy reached the ground of more than 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and Flavor Flav reached an approximate figure of 10,000 monthly listeners alone.

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Flavor Flav as a TV Personality

After a sabbatical from the music industry, Flav was offered to feature The Surreal Life in the VH1 reality show. Following the show’s conclusion, VH1 gave Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielson a show titled Strange Love, which elucidated their expedition in love.

Flavor Flav also starred in Flavor of Love, an entire tv show that revolved around him. It was a reality show. The show’s success led to spin-offs named I Love New York and I Love Money.

There was an official roast episode of the show Flavor of Love which was powered by Comedy Central. The roast included stars like Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Kimmel and Brigitte Nielson as guest appearances.

Flav also played a role in the comedy series Under One Roof, which was streamed on MyNetworkTV.

Flavor Flav’s expenditures

During Flav’s worst days, his addiction had further taken a toll on him. It dragged him into oblivion and Flav frittered away a mammoth sum of $6 million on drugs.

Flavor flav property,
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Flav’s real estates include a property in Los Angeles as well as a home in New York. He currently dwells at a house in Las Vegas, Nevada. The house area-wise is approximately 3700 sq. feet and it cost him $685,000

As far as sources say, Flav owns a Honda car and any other asset or holdings that he has acquired remains unknown.

Flavor Flav’s Endorsements and Ventures

By 2020, Flavor Flav became one of those rappers to have a significant investment history, which came along with myriads of his endorsements and ventures. 

He co-founded the rap group Public Enemy with his friend Chuck D and the group went on to make a turnover of about $2.5 million. Public Enemy’s discography includes 15 rap albums and 40 music videos.

By 2011, Flav grew big. After partnering with Nick Cimino, he established his chain of restaurants, “Flav’s Fried Chicken” in Clinton, Iowa.

However, inefficient management bounced checks, broached conflicts and bad decisions and led to its closure just after 4 months of its advent.

On the occasion of his birthday in 2012, Flav decided to open House of Flavor in Las Vegas.

In a prospect for the inception of a national franchise, Drayton teamed up with Gino Harmon and Salvatore Bitonti to start Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs in December 2012.

flavor flav

The property of Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs was a rental and rendered a casual dining experience. Due to an inability to cover the rent, the business saw its shutter down in July 2013 after being evicted by the landlord.

In 2009, Flav was introduced as a character in the PlayStation game Pain and became an ambassador for the advertisement of Pepsico. Flav even endorsed Gold’n Pump. 

The rapper started his very own Flavor Flav show, with a viewership of approximately 100,000, and featured guests like Mike Tyson and Lil Boosie.

Flavor Flav’s Lawsuits and Legal Complications

After dropping school in the 11th grade, Flav spent snippets of his teenage life in and out of jail for burglary and robbery. After the alleged assault of his then-girlfriend in 1991, he spent a month in jail and lost custody of his kids.

Flav overstepped with a murder attempt of his neighbor after having shot him. After a series of debauchery, Flav ultimately decided to enter rehabilitation in 1997 after his father’s death.

 In June 2011, Flav divulged on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, that when his drug problem was at its worst, he would spend $2600 every day on crack cocaine and how he had squandered a whopping $6 million on drugs and marijuana.

Flavor flav property,
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Flav was frequently flashed with tickets for overspeeding and had 2 outstanding arrest warrants for driving without a license. 

With Chuck D, it turned out that things weren’t as smooth as they looked. Flavor Flav sued Chuck D and Public Enemy’s business management firm, in a grievance, that he was not paid his desired share. 

The suit also stated that Flavor Flav’s voice and image were used non-consensually on Public Enemy’s recent LP, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, made accessible as a free download in June.  It stated that Flav only received $7,500 out of $75,000.

Flavor Flav’s Hardship

A decade before, Drayton had made a fortune through his endorsements. After the 2000s, Drayton landed on his second million and is in proximity to reach his third million. But things weren’t set up straight for Drayton. 

Drayton got ambushed by a lot of legal complications that directly impacted his economical condition. 

Flav’s rude behavior, threats, overspeeding, and several menial crimes got him landed in jail and he was in a constant flow of getting in and out of jail. This led to a decline in Drayton’s net worth as well as income through the years that followed, but he made a comeback.

Awards and Milestones of Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav got his name upon the papers being nominated for the most Grammys, which is an achievement. Working for Public Enemy, Flav could never have imagined what was going to come his way in the future, and it was a future dressed with accolades.

The rapper got nominated for the Grammy Awards a total of six times, for his contributions to Public Enemy and the rap industry. He got nominated for the titles of Best Rap Performances and Best Music Video. 

Net worth of flavor flav,

Drayton could manage to bring one Grammy home with him when we won the Grammy for Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020.

He also got nominated for the Soul Train Awards in 1991 for  Best Music Video for the single 911 is a Joke. Drayton got nominated two times in a row for the Teen Choice Awards for his roles in Flavor of Love.

Although Drayton spent a lot of jail time in his life, he still is a soft-hearted person. Flav is known to have donated to many not-for-profit organizations and introduced charity events and fundraisers through Public Enemy.

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