How Much Is The Net Worth of Dillon Francis 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of Dillon Francis? Well, check out further to find out Dillon Francis net worth, important career milestones, charity work, and a lot more below. 

One of the highest-paid artists in the world, Dillon Hart Francis, popularly called Dillon Francis is an American record and DJ producer. Born in 1987 in Los Angeles, California, Dillon is highly recognized for popularizing the “moombahton” genre of music. 

Dillon is a versatile personality and wears several hats in his music career including those of a disc jockey, record producer, and electronic musician. 

How Much Is The Net Worth of Dillon Francis?

Dillon Francis is a DJ producer from Los Angeles, California. His net worth is $9 million as of August 2021.

His creative talents have earned Francis a unique place and his uniquely rendered video and remixes have always been rated as high-quality content by his commentators. When one of his friends played Metallica for him, he developed a passion for electronic music. 

Since his family would not approve of such music, he waited for a long time to make it his career. Electronic music eventually made him a popular DJ landing him on global fame.  

Net Worth of Dillon Francis 

Dillon Francis’ net worth is $9 million. He has earned this huge wealth from several sources including composing, record productions, performances, album releases, endorsements, and contracts with TV productions. 

Some of his songs and albums that created a tumult in the music industry include Get Low (2015), Need You (2016), Wut Wut (2018), Lost My Mind (2019).

These songs and albums earned him a huge amount of money. His DJ skills are excellent and they bring him some of the most enviable opportunities to leave his watermark on whatever he does in his career.

He is also a spectacular record producer. As per a number of sources, Dillon Francis is one of the highest-paid DJ in the world. Also, his music creations fetched him a huge wealth. For instance, two of his albums turned out to be mega hits. 

His accomplishments have made him an icon in the world of modern music and such a successful career has contributed to his huge wealth. 

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Top achievements of Dillon Francis 

Dillon has a number of highly venerated achievements to his credit that have brought him laurels. He is highly known in the world of music for popularizing “moombahton” a rare kind of music genre. 

Dillon’s debut studio albums released in 2014 were titled Money Sucks and Friends Rule which captured the second position on the US Dance chart. One of his most popular singles is “Get Low” which secured the fifth position on the US Dance chart. 

Dillon Francis has also collaborated with a number of renowned artists like Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris. One of Francis’s popular remixes was “Look at Me Now” originally made by Chris Brown in which Lil Wayne was featured and Busta Rhymes.

Some other well-received remixes were Gym Class Heroes “Stereo Hearts” featuring Adam Levine, Calvin Harris production “Feel So Close”, Justin Timberlake’s composition “Suit & Tie” that featured Jay Z, and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

 The other two very popular title albums he championed were “This Mixtape is Fire” published in 2015 and “Wut Wut” released in 2018. 

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Childhood of Dillon Francis 

Dillon has said he always had a sheltered kind of childhood. Hailing from a middle-class family, his parents were very particular that his education was not interrupted due to anything in life. Hence they never allowed him to watch television except educational programs. 

Two hours a day, he could watch ‘Sesame Street’, after which he had to get back to rigorous studies. His family insisted and emphasized so much on the studies that his parents had put him on a commercial brand of educational material known as ‘Hooks on Phonics’ 

Budding Music Composer – Dillon Francis 

Dillon was at the school, he gave a visual form to music in drawing while listening to electronic music. Whenever some music gave him an adrenaline rush, he would tag on the walls while listening to them. 

His parents always wanted him to listen to gentler music, but he preferred Metallica and anti-flag and also played them in secret. Dillon shared this information with Variance Magazine during an interview about his career and achievements. 

How Dillon Francis Settled with DJ-ing

At school, Dillon studied art and took up courses in photography, graphic design and printmaking. He pursued these subjects for about four years in high school. 

Dillon always wanted to become a great photographer which did not come through due to several reasons. The hate he had for the person who interned him in turn made him hate photography. 

While Francis had a strong base in film photography, the advent of digital photography saw his skills becoming redundant. He only realized that he had wasted four years of his life with photography. 

After graduating from High School, Dillon explored the ways to find a career in photography that did not come through. Finally, Dillon settled with DJ where he landed on highly promising opportunities. 

Career Highlights of Dillon Francis 

Dillon Francis came to the limelight after he grabbed the attention of Diplo, an American producer. With Diplo, Francis collaborated on the song “Que Que”, along with the featured Latin-pop artist Maluca. 

Inspired by Dutch musician Munchi, Dillon made the song “Masta Blasta”, which turned up to be a successful track. In 2010, Dillon released Swashbuckler EP on Play Me Records and in 2012, he released two singles “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” and “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)”. 

He too released some amazing works on different labels like Dim Mak Records, Mad Decent and OWSLA.

In 2012, Dillon Francis turned out to be the first moombahton artist to capture the topmost spot on the Beatport releases chart.

He achieved this for the release of his extended play titled Something, Something, Awesome. In the same year, he undertook several tours that too made him more popular.

Francis went on a tour in 2013 in the US and Canada. In 2013, he was declared among MTV Clubland’s Artists to watch besides acts like Kill the Noise and Otto Knows.

He performed in several music festivals and released a comedy production called as duo Meowski666 in addition to Kill the Noise. The Mag Top 100 poll of 2013 announced him as the number 73 DJ. 

2014 saw the release of his major debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. This production found him a place on Rolling Stone’s “Top Electronic Albums of 2014” he released the single “Get Low” in 2014 along with DJ Snake.

In 2015, Francis stated that his EP This Mixtape Is Fire, will return to the moombahton roots. The EP was made in collaboration with Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Bro Safari, and Kygo.  

The first track from the EP, “Bruk Bruk” captured the top slot on Billboard’s Top Dance and Electronic Albums chart. In 2016, he released three new singles: “Need You” “Candy” and “Anywhere”.

 In 2017, Dillon released the single “Say Less” collaborating with G-Eazy. In this year, he announced that henceforth he would be releasing music as an independent artist as he had parted ways with Columbia Records.

2018 saw Dillon Francis returning to his moombahton roots with the release of WUT WUT, a Spanish studio album. This release was nominated for two awards.

He too released the singles “We The Funk” and “Sexo” and the latter was nominated for the Best Short Form Music Video at the Latin Grammys and the Latin American Music Awards. 

He too made his appearance in the first season of Taskmaster US. Dillon released a comedy series of seven episodes titled Like and Subscribe in 2018.

In 2019 Dillon released a single titled “Lost My Mind” collaborating with Alison Wonderland, and also made a tour on this theme. This year, “Change Your Mind”, was also released featuring Lovely The Band.

In 2020, Dillon Francis gave a performance at the Fortnite Party Royale premiere along with Steve Aoki and Deadmau. 

How Much Dillon Francis Gives for Charity

Dillon Francis is one of the top-rated philanthropist celebrities who donates a significant sum of money to a number of charitable causes. 

In 2013, he announced that he would be auctioning over 30 autographed t-shirts used in his music video ‘Without You’ and the proceeds of the auction would be given to support a non-profit organization named “After School Matters”. 

In a sale of t-shirts depicting the ZEDD chest, he made a huge sum of money in 2018 and donated half of what he made to a non-profit organization Locks of Love. He too performed at several events exclusively to fund some socially useful causes and some non-profit charity organizations. 

How Much Dillon Francis Earns on the Social Media

Dillon has a net worth of $ 9 million in 2021 as per majority sources. His earnings could be much more than this. The average earnings he makes in a year is $2.19 million. Dillon has a huge social media network following. 

His Instagram account has over 2.4 million followers. Since each of his posts attracts about 14.42 thousand likes on average, he could easily demand $6.1 thousand for every single update. 

If he published just one paid update per day, he could be earning $4.3 million per year on average.

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