Net Worth Of Cong TV

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Cong TV 2022?

Wondering how much is the net worth of Cong TV? Check out Cong TV’s net worth along with career highlights, sources of earning and a lot more below.

Cong TV is a very popular social media persona and a highly successful entrepreneur hailing from the Philippines. He has a YouTube channel with a prime focus on genres like comedy, parody and sketch. 

Cong TV is also a streamer and vlogger and is best known for his comedy videos on YouTube. Cong TV is counted among the leading Filipino YouTube personalities. He too has his own line of apparels known as ‘Cong Clothing’. 

How much is the net worth of Cong TV?

Cong TV is a popular social media persona and an entrepreneur from the Philippines. His current net worth is estimated at $4.83 million in October 2021.

Cong TV created a Facebook page on December 17, 2014 that has an impressive number of 3.9 million followers. Born in 1991 and christened as Lincoln Velasquez by his parents, Cong TV makes a huge income from multiple sources that have helped build an impressive net worth. 

It is an interesting study to pursue his net worth stats, how he has been able to earn so much wealth, and how he spends his money. 

Net Worth Of Cong TV

Cong TV’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at $4.83 million. Cong TV’s net worth is not available publicly from authentic sources. His net worth is estimated from his multiple streams of income and how much he makes from his YouTube channel. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Cong

The forecast of his net worth is based predominantly on the YouTube advertising revenue. In addition, he too makes money from many other sources.

Cong TV Estimated Earnings Per Year

Estimates show that Cong TV could be earning around $861.67 thousand in a year. The average monthly views of this channel is 14.36 million and per day around 487.7 thousand people view this channel. 

Considering that YouTube earnings are primarily from the ads averaging from $3 and $7 per thousand views, Cong TV YouTube channel could be generating not less than $57.44 thousand from ads in a month and around $861.67 thousand in a year. 

If the actual earnings of CongTV is higher than this, the income per year could be over $1.55 million per year. Latest estimates show that Cong TV could be earning $1,446 per day, $14,245 in a week and $47,576 is Cong Tv’s salary per month.  

Most successful YouTubers do not depend on a single source of revenue. They too have sponsors and increase their earnings by having their own merchandise. In addition, they also attend speaking gigs. 

Cong TV’s Career Highlights

Cong TV was born on 27 October 2021 in the Philippines. He was named Lincoln Cortez Velasquez and has three siblings. Two of his siblings are also popular vloggers Junnie Boy and Neneng Lamig. Both of them have already attracted more than 1 million subscribers.

Cong TV went on YouTube in 2008. In December 2008, Cong TV uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel. This was actually a parody of ‘Rebound’, the MTV music video of the Silent song. Cong TV made his appearance on the popular Philippine TV series My Super D that was aired on ABS-CBN. 

Cong TV played the role of Moby and soon after that he became highly popular for his natural acumen for humor. His videos published on YouTube soon went viral and attracted a huge following and subscribers. 

It was in 2017, that Cong TV attained an overwhelming popularity. The principal theme of his vlogs were day-to-day Filipino humor and this is the reason why a lot of viewers could easily relate with the content he was publishing.  

cong tv age

The earliest collaborators for Cong TV projects was his brother Junnie Boy, who was also making YouTube videos. Viy Cortez, Cong TV’s girlfriend, started making videos for him in 2017. Gradually, Cong TV started introducing Team Payaman and the team’s members on his videos. 

Notably, they are a group of content creators involved with a lot of vlogging projects. For a year, Cong TV lived in a condo along with the members of Team Payaman and the condo was provided to them by Tier One Entertainment in 2018. 

As the group became highly popular in 2020, they moved to a house provided by Tier One Entertainment in order to accommodate the swelling number of the team. 

Cong TV also formed a band called Coln in 2018. He played the role of the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band. Cong TV was also included in the list of top YouTube ph creators of the year 2020 on December 3, 2020. 

In 2021, Cong TV was included in an advertisement for a carbonated drink called Mountain Dew along with his brother Junnie Boy and a popular Philippines actor James Reid. 

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Cong Tv’s Sources of Earning 

Cong TV earns from several sources. In the first place, his major earnings are from his profession as a successful YouTuber. He is highly known for his comic presence on YouTube and the vlogs he shares on YouTube. He has been successful in attracting over 7 million subscribers. The majority of his social media content is made in Filipino.

CongTV has its own line of clothing called ‘Cong Clothing’. This company is into making a variety of t-shirts including Power and Millionaire Mind. This brand is making t-shirts with motivational slogans that are inspiring millions. His ‘About’ page on the YouTube channel also promotes Gloco’s YouTube channel.

Cong TV is also a vlogger, comedian, and streamer besides being a YouTuber. He predominantly vlogs with his ‘Team Payaman’ crew. His videos project him as a brash personality. Nevertheless, he is a humble person with a high degree of helping tendency supporting friends in many ways.

In 2015, Cong TV reached over 100,000 subscribers. Cong TV started vlogging on ‘Cong Vlogs’ soon after that and vlogging became the primary mode of his offerings. His vlogs account for the majority of his views and subscribers. In 2017, he achieved the one million subscriber mark.

Cong TV is also a part of Tier One Entertainment, a firm producing gaming video content. 

Cong TV Partnering with Viy Cortez

Cong TV is also closely working with his girlfriend Viy Cortez on several fronts. Both of them share several interests and talents in common which could have brought them together. Viy is also a sensational YouTuber having over 3 million subscribers on her channel. 

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Her videos published on the video sharing platform are centered on challenge videos and lifestyle vlogs. Viy also owns a tea shop called TeaTalk and has a cosmetic line of merchandise branded as VINYLINE. Both these friends post their photos on their individual Instagram accounts. 

In the same way, they are also seen collaborating on several productions on each other’s YouTube channels.

Cong TV and Viy Cortez are among the most powerful and popular vlogging couples on YouTube PH. In fact, they have inspired a lot of other couples to work in collaboration to achieve their goals together. While both of them are busy with their own vlogs, they have also established their business together. 

Cong TV Partnering with Team Payaman

In 2020, Cng TV reached 8 million subscribers and hence the YouTube PH world celebrated the success of this highly influential channel. One of the major factors that boosted the channel’s success was partnering with Team Payaman. 

In fact, Payaman is also a popular content creation group that is listed among the top 10 on the video creators platform. Most of Cong TV’s videos involve the members of Team Payaman. 

Team Payaman is a group created by Cong TV in 2015 involving fellow YouTube vloggers. The members of this team include Cong TV’s three siblings Junnie Boy, Venice Velasquez, and Pat Velasquez. 

The other members are Cong TV’s girlfriend Viy Cortez, DaTwo, Beigh Sunga, Vien Iligan, Boss Keng, Yoh, Dudut Lang, Bok, Mentos, and Josh Pint. The motto of the group is to maximize the ways of earning from vlogging for all the members while having a lot of fun together during the process.

 Individually, all the members of Team Payaman have their own independent YouTube channels. As a group, they help each other grow their content on the video sharing platform.

Cong TV’s Social Media Popularity

Cong TV is highly popular on social media with a huge number of followers across multiple platforms. He opened his Twitter account in January 2015 which has over 1 million followers. 

His Instagram account has over 1 million followers and his Facebook account has more than 3.9 million people following him on this platform. Launched in 2008, his Cong TV is a very popular YouTube channel that has amassed more than 673.4 million views and 7.32 million subscribers so far. 

Quick Facts about Cong TV

Cong TV has a total number of 983,883,411 video views. There are over 421 uploaded videos on this channel. Estimates show that Cong TV could be earning around $1.21 per 1,000 views. 

The monthly income of this channel is around $33.7K and the channel has over 8,910,000 subscribers. The recent earnings of Cong TV stood at $23.9K, $20.3K, $15.9K, $22.9K and $25.6K during the months of September, August, July, June and May respectively in 2021. 

Analytics reports available for 2021 about Cong TV show that the lowest daily views reported in October 2021 was 546.65K while the highest daily views was 2.12 million. The channel shows 3.1% weekly growth and 12.2% monthly growth on average.