Net Worth Of Beanie Sigel

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Beanie Sigel 2022?

Are you looking for the net worth of Beanie Sigel? Read further to know about his net worth, career milestones, earnings through different sources, legal issues, and a lot more.

A world-renowned rapper, celebrity musician, and actor all put in one, Beanie Sigel is also counted among the rich elite of the world enjoying a massive net worth. 

Beanie Sigel’s birth happened on March 6, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and he was named Dwight Equal Grant by his parents.

How much is the net worth of Beanie Sigel?

Beanie Sigel is a rapper, musician, and actor whose current net worth is $10 thousand in 2021.

 Beanie Sigel’s name brings to our minds some of his best movies like State Property and Paper Soldiers and some top-rated albums like The Truth (2000), The B. Coming (2005), The Reason (2001), The Broad Street Bully (2009) and The Solution (2007). 

His evergreen songs that have allured the masses are Feel It in the Air, The B. Coming (2005), and Roc the Mic State Property (2002). The major part of his earnings is from his career in films, singing, and album production.

Net Worth of Beanie Sigel 

In 2021, Beanie Sigel has a net worth of $100 thousand. By 2011, he had released six albums which all contributed to boost up his net worth significantly. They sold over 2 million copies and entered 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records. 

On grounds of over unpaid taxes for the years 2003 to 2005, he was jailed for two years in 2012 which negatively affected his net worth.

Films like State Property, State Property 2 and Paper Soldiers further contributed to the phenomenal increase in his net worth.

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How Much Beanie Sigel Makes Per Day And Per Hour?

The Philadelphia-based American rapper and actor has been able to accumulate a lot of wealth during his career in music, media, and entertainment.

 He formerly worked with Roc-A-Fella Records and enjoyed a close connection with rappers Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, and others associated with the label. Here is an estimate of how much Beanie Sigel earns per day and per hour.

Beanie Sigel Net Worth in 2021: $100,000

Beanie Sigel’s earning average per year: $100,000

His earnings average per month: $8,333.33

How much he earns in a week: $1,923.08

His earnings per day: $273.97

Beanie Sigel’s approximate earning per hour: $11.42

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Important Milestones In Beanie Sigel’s Career

Beanie Sigel’s career was a fast-rising one since he made his debut in the rap industry. 

2000: His debut album the Truth produced by the Ruff Ryders’ Swizz Beatz and Suave House’s Tony Draper brought to the surface his distinctive delivery and clever usage of rhymes. This album was contributed to by Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Eve, and Scarface.

2001: The summer of 2001 saw the release of his second album The Reasonably led by the single “Beanie (Mack B****).”

beanie sigel earnings

2005: Even as Sigel was preparing to go to jail on attempted murder charges, he quickly completed a movie, an album, and five videos that were to support his new album. In March 2005, the album, The B. Coming, was released followed by the release of the movie, State Property 2.

2007: Once he was released from jail towards the end of 2005, Sigel set out to work on his fourth album The Solution which was released in 2007.

2009: The Broad Street Bully album was released on the Siccness label.

2012: The official album entitled ‘This Time’, was published in 2012 on the Ruffhouse label. This happened just before Sigel went to prison for two years on tax evasion charges.

Beanie Sigel Estimated Earnings From Important Albums

beanie sigel

Beanie Sigel In Business

Surprisingly, Beanie Sigel had a flair for business also. Apart from his acting and rap life, he had also invested in a number of business ideas.

One of his very popular business ventures was bagels. Sigel debuted in the food industry in 2018 and some of his businesses and associates are thriving now in Philadelphia.

Beanie Sigel’s Popular Sources Of Earnings

Sigel has a net worth of $100,000 in 2021 as per the most popular sources. He made his debut in rap music in 2000. 

beanie sigel net worth 2021

During his career, how much money Sigel could make is far less compared to many other rappers who started their career much later than him.

However, he has a huge base of loyal fans who support him to the core and appreciate the value and worth of his music. 

Here we discuss the different sources of his income and why his net worth is far less compared to many other rappers who are not so popular and accomplished like him. 

Earning As A Rapper

When it comes to his earnings as a rapper, Beanie Sigel gained so much from his first album The Truth and the success story was continued by other popular releases like The Reason, In Beans We Trust, M.I.N.K.S, and Alive on Arrival. 

beanie sigel net worth
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Though Sigel’s earnings from these albums were a phenomenal sum of money, very soon in 2010, Sigel chose to end his rap career in 2010 after making his last appearance in Travis Barker’s album ‘Can The Drummer Get Some’.

In addition to this, Sigel +made his appearance in quite a few concerts. 

Earning Through Youtube Channel

In line with the trend set by several popular artists, Beanie too has his own YouTube channel known as BeanieSigelVEVO, which has around 612K subscribers. 

The views his videos have bagged are somewhere between a few thousands to a few million.

Social Blade estimates that Beanie Sigel makes somewhere from $812 to $13K from his YouTube channel. While this income plays a significant role in his net worth, this income might arise in the future.

Earning Through Merchandise

Beanie Sigel has his own line of merchandise including CDs and Vinyl. Though the merchandise does not have a considerable variety, their volume sales are phenomenal. 

Available for sale online, the price tags of some of his merchandise are REASON CD ($10.99), Remember Them Days Vinyl Record ($12.99), Solution Vinyl Record ($28.49), and Truth CD ($10.99).

 Though these items are not so expensive, most of these merchandise go out of stock very quickly, and often they are kept as backorders.

Why Beanie Sigel’s Net Worth Is Not That Impressive

Despite the multiple streams of income Sigel has been able to generate in his career, his net worth is not so impressive due to some obvious reasons. 

Even as Beanie made a debut in his career, legal charges started piling up against him. While he was arrested and jailed for many reasons, he was also shot twice in his life. He had a number of life-threatening injuries. 

He spent a considerable sum of money on his medical treatments. Nevertheless, he has a loyal fan base that continues to support him throughout and regards his music. Soon, Beanie might make his reappearance and land on a chance to increase his net worth further.  

Legal Troubles Beanie Sigel Faced

Sigel’s life was replete with different kinds of legal charges based on many allegations and several terms of jail sentences. This fact pronounced a severe setback on his career, achievements and also net worth.   

2002: Sigel was arrested under allegations of punching a 53-year-old man in his eye socket.

beanie sigel earnings
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2003: charged for attempted murder after firing six shots from hind handgun at a club door. 

2004: Booked under the federal weapon charges and was sentenced to one year in prison.

2006: Beanie Sigel was shot during a robbery and served a brief jail term on child support charges.

2009: Arrested for possessing 50 grams of marijuana in his vehicle

2010: Charged for not filing tax returns for three years and was jailed for 25 months. 

2012: Philadelphia police arrested him for conspiracy and possessing weapons.

2014: Released from Federal Correctional Institution, Schuylkill and served his remaining sentence in Philadelphia.

Beanie Sigel’s Greatest Rap Songs

As a rapper, Beanie had an enviable career. He amassed a huge wealth through his rap life and also rose to popularity through his phenomenal rap offerings. Some of the top rated rap songs on Sigel are here. 

Feel It in the Air – 2004

What We Do – 2003

The R. O. C. – 2002

Roc the Mic – 2002

Nothing Like It – 2001

Tales of a Hustler – 2001

Beanie (Mack Bitch) – 2001

Think It’s a Game – 2001

Change The Game – 2000

Beanie Sigel Discography

Beanie Sigel has a long list of albums to his credit. While his personal life was replete with legal problems and jail terms, he relentlessly used the time he was given with his career to producing a number of albums either through some popular labels or independently.

 Here is a list of his top discography that secured him lasting fame.  

The Truth – 2000

The Reason – 2001

State Property OST – 2002

The Chain Gang Vol. 2 – 2003

The B. Coming – 2005

The Solution – 2007

The Broad Street Bully – 2009

This Time – 2012

The Roc Boys – 2010

Beanie Sigel’s Popular Movies

 Beanie Sigel is one of the most popular actors in America. His career in acting began in 2002 with his first movie State Property. After this, he was cast in the movie Paper Soldiers.

This was followed by a list of movies including Backstage, Death of a Dynasty, Brown Sugar, and Drugs on Music. Eventually, he made his reappearance in State Property 2.

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