How much is the Net worth of Andrew Lincoln 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of Andrew Lincoln? Well, check out further to find out Andrew Lincoln’s net worth, important career milestones, charity work, and a lot more below. 

For the past eleven years, Andrew Lincoln has become one of the world’s most recognizable and distinguished actors. 

Andrew James Clutterbuck, professionally known as Andrew James Lincoln is an English Actor, born on September 14 1973. He gained international recognition and success for his portrayal of Rick Grimes, the lead character on the award-winning television series The Walking Dead.

How much is the net worth of Andrew Lincoln?

Andrew Lincoln is an actor famous for his role in The Walking Dead. His current net worth is $16 million as of August 2021.

Lincoln was born in London and grew up in Hull. His father was an English civil engineer while his mother was a South African nurse.

At the age of ten, he moved to Bath where he studied in the distinguished London Academy of Dramatic arts and changed his name from Clutterbuck to Lincoln. 

 He attended Beechen Cliff School, where he had his first acting role as The Artful Dodger in a school production of Oliver at the age of 14. 

Even before The Walking Dead, he was cast in two very popular British Sitcoms ‘The Life’ and ‘Teachers.’ He is married and is a very dedicated family man. This is the untold success of his remarkable career.

Net Worth of Andrew Lincoln

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lincoln has a net worth of $16 million. He was earning a whopping $650,000 per episode of The Walking Dead. 

 A source claimed that his average salary per day is approximately around $42,000 and $211,533 weekly, $916,646 monthly, and annually around $10,999,752 as per the same source.

According to Forbes, in the year 2018, Lincoln was paid approximately £8 million ($11 million) for The Walking Dead, which was his last season on the show and this earning landed him a spot in the top ten highest-paid actors in ‘TV Actors of the Year’ along with the Big Bang Theory cast members and NCIS Actor Mark Harmon making more.

His salary increased over the years as The Walking Dead became a huge franchise across the globe. 

Apart from his career in movies and television shows, he also earns well from his endorsements deals, lucrative agreements, and commercials where he earns thousands of dollars from these endorsements deals.

Andrew Lincoln owns a four-bedroom home in London, England which is worth around $7 million. It includes some luxurious facilities including a swimming pool and fancy cars like the KIA costing in between $15,000 to $59,000.

Career Beginnings of Andrew Lincoln

He started his acting career in 1994 with the Television Show ‘Drop the Dead Donkey and various other television shows during the mid-90s  the too early 20s that include ‘This life’, ‘Teachers’, ‘After-life’, ‘The Woman in white’, ‘Wuthering Heights’ and much more.

In 2000, he played the role of Maxie King in a film called Gangster No.1 which generated $30,915 in the worldwide box office.

In 2003, he was part of the big hit romantic comedy Love Actually where he played Mark; the film had a success of $246,821,053 in the box office all around the globe. 

In 2004, he played a role in the psychological thriller film titled ‘Enduring Love. In 2009, he starred in a TV film titled- Moonshot as Micheal Collins. 

In 2010, he played the role of Jonathan in the French comedy film L’arnacoeur or Heartbreaker where the movie generated a sale of $34,936,771 in the worldwide box office. 

In 2021, he was lead actor in a drama film Penguin Bloom where he starred as Cameron Bloom where the film generated sales of $6,242,290 in the worldwide box office. 

All the movies in which he made an appearance have generated sales of $288,000,114 in the worldwide box office. The actor has starred in a lot of Television shows that have contributed to his net worth. 

He played a remarkable role in 1996 as Edgar Egg Cook in the TV Drama ‘This Life.’ In 2000, he was the narrator of a reality TV show called ‘Shipwrecked’ and in 2001; he played the role of Simon Casey in a comedy-drama show ‘Teachers.’

In 2005, he got the lead role in a mystery drama TV series called ‘Afterlife’. In 2010, he played Rick James in the Walking Dead Series, which is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama TV series. He got paid $650,000 per episode. 

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Is Andrew Lincoln the richest cast member of ‘The Walking Dead’?

According to the Celebrity Net worth, Andrew Lincoln who appeared in 120 episodes has a net worth of $16million while his cast member Norman Reedus has earned millions for his role as Daryl on the hit television series. He has a net worth of $25 million.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan came in third with a net worth of $10 million, followed by Chandler Riggs $8 million.

Also, in 2016, just in comparison with CBS’s The Big Bang Theory—Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki made over $1 million dollars an episode ( two 30 minute episodes) which was way more than Lincoln did for an entire season as at that point he was earning around $90,000 per episode($1.44 million a year).

Journey of the acting life of Andrew Lincoln

He always had a passion for literature and fiction classics. In an interview, he mentioned that his favorite book is ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus. In 2009, he also acted in Wuthering Heights and as a young boy he would read Emily Bronte’s novel to his grandmother. 

He believes that his love for classic storytelling and characters has impacted his choices in a role and acting style. He was classically trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where he graduated in 1994 and starred in many theatre productions and roles. 

After acting in many British television series and movies, he decided to move to America where he landed the role of the hit series ‘The Walking Dead’ he earned fame and success. 

He is a man who loves privacy and when he spends time with family he goes by his birth name. His credit cards and other reservations are all usually booked under his original surname. 

He is a dedicated family man with a simple philosophy of keeping his personal life private away from the public eye. He also reportedly left the show in order to spend more time with his family. 

After The walking dead, he acted in Penguin Bloom which was based on a book series. 

Awards and Achievements of Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln received multiple awards including People’s Choice Awards as ‘the Fаvоrіtе Аntі-Неrо on TV’; Saturn Awards in the саtеgоrу of ‘Веѕt Actor on Television.’ Both categories were for his role in the Walking Dead. 

He has also been awarded the IGN Summer Movie (Best TV Hero) Awards and Golden Nymph (Outstanding Actor –Drama Series). 

He also received multiple nominations including a BAFTA nomination for a best new director for his role in ‘Teachers’, Critics Choice Television Award for best actor in a drama series, Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actor, and much more.

Philanthropic Works of Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln has so much passion and heart in his brilliant and philanthropic endeavors. Time and time again he has shown his devotion for his fans by continuously giving back and inspiring them by spreading his love and kindness.

He is actively involved in low-key charity works. In an interview he once said, “I got approached by the charities but I was very reticent because I don’t like doing the celebrity bit, I just want to be an actor.” 

In 2017, he was the ambassador for Barnardo’s children’s charity on the occasion of Red Nose Day where he helped raise more than £24,000 for vulnerable children. 

The charity provides counseling for children who have been abused, conducts vocational training and disability inclusion groups and fosters adoption services. Andrew plays a crucial role in helping the charity foster a better living for thousands of vulnerable children in the UK. 

In 2019, He joined more than 70 cyclists on a 205 mile on three-day charity challenge in order to raise thousands of pounds for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) where he felt it was one of the most humbling, hilarious and challenging three days and he had the privilege to be involved in it.

Personal Life of Andrew Lincoln

He is happily married to the daughter of legendary singer Ian Anderson (lead vocalist of band Jethro Tull) Gael Anderson. The couple exchanged the vows in an intimate ceremony on June 10th 2006.

The couple is blessed with two beautiful children; son Arthur Clutterbuck and daughter Matilda Clutterbuck.

To conclude, it is not a surprise that the main source of his income came from portraying one of the main characters in a worldwide famous television show.’ 

His other appearances have also definitely added a lot to his wealth and of course, there is a chance of it becoming higher as he still continues his career as a well-known and acclaimed actor.

Now, even though it has been more than three years since we last saw Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes as he made his exit during The Walking Dead’s ninth season, he is all set to reprise his role as Rick in a trilogy of the Walking Dead films. 

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