How Much Is The Net Worth Of Alex Trebek 2022?

Net worth of Alex Trebek

Wondering how much is the net worth of Alex Trebek? Well, check out this article to find out Alex’s Trebek’s worth, career highlights, real estate and a lot more. Read further to know more. 

The Canada based game show host and a popular performer on the television, George Alexander Trebek or Alex Trebek has been able to amass a huge wealth through his entertainment career. 

Alex Trebek successfully ran the general knowledge quiz in a syndicated fashion and also conducted the quiz game show Jeopardy for 37 seasons between 1984 and 2020 till he died. 

How much is the net worth of Alex Trebek?

Alex Trebek was one of the most popular TV show hosts and performers who recently passed away in 2020. His net worth was $75 million.

Some other popular game shows he championed include Double Dare, High Rollers, The Wizard of Odds, To Tell The Truth, Classic Concentration and Battlestars. He has also made his appearances in several films and television serials. 

While he was contracted to run the show Jeopardy till 2022, unfortunately he died on November 8, 2020 at his 80th year. Alex Trebek’s cause of death was pancreatic cancer

Net Worth Of Alex Trebek

At the time of his death in November 2020, Alex Trebek had a net worth of $75 million. In 1984, Alex Trebek shot two episodes for ‘Jeopardy’. And after Trebek joined the show as the host, the show’s popularity grew tremendously leading to its successful revival. Jeopardy became Alex’s main source of earnings. 

alex trebek net worth

He too received a heavy income for his television and film appearances. Notably, he was seen on a number of popular TV shows. His other streams of earnings came from lectures and speaking assignments.

 Therefore, it was no surprise that he had made around $75 million at the time of his death in 2020. Estimates also show that he could have been even richer if he had not been a philanthropist. He was noted for his huge donations for conservancies and universities.

Alex Trebek’s Worth Compared Other Popular Show Hosts

Trebek made an annual salary of $18 million for hosting Jeopardy. This show was taped for 48 days in a year and Trebek shot about five episodes a day.

This fact leads to the workings that he earned about $391,000 on every tape day and Alex Trebek’s salary per episode stood at $78,000. 

We land on an interesting observation while comparing Alex Trebek’s earnings from this show with the earnings of other popular show hosts. Vanna White, the host of another popular show running for a long time namely ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is $208,333 per work day. Pat Sajak was paid a salary of $312,000 per work day. 

Therefore, Vanna earns $34,722 per show and pat earns $52,083 per show. Comparing these figures with Trebek’s earning per show estimated at $78,000, we can understand how Trebek became wealthy.

Pat Sajak was invited by Mery Griffin to host the show “Wheel of Fortune” and he found a long career on this show making a wealth of $70 million.

alex trebek cause of death

Bob Barker was associated with “The Price Is Right” for about 35 years and he had made a wealth of $70 million.

Alex Trebek’s most popular assignment was hosting the Jeopardy and his net worth when he died in 2020 was valued at $75 million.

Regis Philbin has a net worth of $150 Million and he was a singer, actor and author besides hosting shows like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “Live! with Regis and Kelly.”

Drew Carey became the host of “The Price Is Right” in 2007, after Bob Barker left it. Drew Carey also has his own show named after him and several other shows that earned him a wealth of $165 million. 

Dick Clark has a net worth of $200 million and he hosted the popular show “The $10,000 Pyramid” in addition to “Missing Links” and others.

Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated at $200 million and he has hosted the most popular ‘Family Feud.’

Don Francisco has earned a net worth of $ 200 million and he made his wealth from the longest-running TV variety show  “Sábado Gigante”.

Ryan Seacrest’s high profile roles with “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” Besides other production works earned him a wealth of $450 million.

Merv Griffin’s net worth is a whopping $1 Billion and he was the creator of several shows like Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune.

Alex Trebek’s Career Highlights

Alex made a debut into his hosting career in 1963 for ‘Music Hop’, the Canadian music program. Soon he too landed on some other hosting projects in Canada like ‘Reach for the Top’ a high school quiz show in 1969 and the weekly game show ‘Strategy’ in 1969.

Between 1967 and 1970, Trebek hosted the classical music programs for CBC. In 1970, Alex shifted to the United States after NBC invited him to host the all new game show ‘The Wizard of Odds’. The other shows he hosted during the 1970s and 1980s were “High Rollers” for NBC. 

He also hosted the second season of “The $128,000 Question”. For CBS, the one and only game show he hosted was ‘Double Dare’. On NBC, Trebek also hosted ‘Battlestars’ and this show was aired for about six months between October 1981 and April 1982. 

Alex was the host for the ‘Pitfall’. Catalena Productions, the firm that produced this show went bankrupt and hence Alex ended up without receiving a pie for his efforts on this show. 

In association with mogul Mery Griffin, Trebek filmed two episodes for the sake of attempting the revival of the Jeopardy game show. Luckily the show picked up and he started hosting it in 1984. This hosting assignment became the most popular role he ever played in his hosting career. 

 Net Worth Of Alex Trebek

Art Fleming, the earlier host of Jeopardy, had declined the project on account of his creative differences. After it was revived by Alex Trebek, the show became a massive success among the audience and it could bag about 33 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Alex Trebek had a very long career as the show host especially with Jeopardy and during the course of his career, he had set the Guinness World Record for hosting the largest number of game show episodes in the year 2014. 

This momentous achievement happened when he hosted the 6,829the episode for ‘Jeopardy’ and beat out the record set by Bob Barker with regard to hosting the show ‘The Price is Right’. 

In 1991, Alex also made history in the broadcasting domain by becoming the first host to shoot three games shows in the US during the same time. Notably around this time, he was the host of three shows namely “To Tell the Truth,” “Classic Concentration” and “Jeopardy” 

Trebek’s Other Interesting Roles

Besides playing the role of hosts for popular game shows, Trebek also made his appearances on a lot of shows either as a player or panelist. Some of the other popular shows he hosted were Allen Ludden, Wink Martindale, Gene Rayburn, Bill Cullen, and Jack Clark. 

alex trebek salary per episode,

Alex was a contestant in the round robin tournament on NBC in 1980 which ran for about a week and was organized for charity. He was the winner of the tournament and in 1975, his notable appearance happened on “The Magnificent Marble Machine ”. 

His other appearances included NBC’s “To Say the Least ” aired in 1978. In 1976, Trebek was a contestant along with Jim McKrell in the show ‘Celebrity Bowling’. This duo won the match against the pair Scatman Crothers and Dick Gautier.

Alex Trebek’s Real Estate Investments

Trebek’s family stayed in a 10,000 square-foot bungalow located in California’s Studio City. Alex had purchased this property in 1991 paying $2.15 million. 

During the 1990s Alex invested in some other properties including a 724-acre horse ranch in Creston’s rural city paying $4.1 million. In 2005, this ranch was sold out for a sum of $10 million. 

In 2016, Alex listed the 30-acre lake home property located in Nacimiento, California quoting a price of $1.4 million. 

Trebek’s Charity Works

Alex Trebek was one of the biggest philanthropists the world has seen till date. Highly known for his generous contributions to some worthy social causes, he stated in a 2014 podcast interview with The Nerdist that he had given away a larger chunk of his wealth for charities year on year. 

alex trebek cause of death,

Trebek gave away a large property measuring about 74 acres on the Hollywood Hill to the Santa Monica Conservancy. The extent of this property was actually double the size of the parkland. In fact, the trails in this property were already used widely by cyclists and hikers. 

In 2016, Alex gave around $5 million to fund the Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue, which was an initiative of the University of Ottawa to. He too donated a sum of $7.5 million to the school that shaped him. 

During his life, Alex Trebek was associated with several philanthropic organizations like the United Service Organizations and World Vision Canada. He took the Jeopardy show crew with him to several military bases to encourage the service members. 

In 2020, Alex donated a sum of $100,000 to the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, a project providing homeless shelters in Los Angeles. 

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