Net Worth of Hushpuppi

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Hushpuppi 2022?

Wondering what is the net worth of Hushpuppi? Well, check out Hushpuppi net worth, his riches, net worth comparison and a lot more below.

Hushpuppi is one of the most famous Nigerian celebrities and an Instagram Influencer. Off late he has become the subject of several controversies popularly pursued online.

His social media fans know him as a millionaire enjoying a lavish lifestyle. Hushpuppi’s social media accounts are loaded with pictures and videos showcasing his lavish spend on cars, watches, luxury bags, designer clothes, and private jets.

He takes pride in posting media showing him with celebrity, popular sportsmen and Nigerian politicians on charter jets. 

How much is the net worth of Hushpuppi? 

Hushpuppi’s net worth is $35.5 million. He is considered by the FBI to be one of the world’s most high-profile fraudsters and faces a prison sentence of up to 20 years in the US after pleading guilty to money laundering.

Born on October 11, 1982, the Nigerian Influencer is facing some serious criminal charges in the US regarding money laundering conspiracies like cybercrimes, business email compromising, and a variety of other online scams.

Perhaps these are the sources of his huge wealth revealed only after his arrest in June 2020. He has described himself as the Gucci King and many sources regard him as the richest scammer online. 

Stories and accounts about Hushpuppi have always read as sensational movie scripts. The summary of his life show him growing up from rags to riches. In 2020 he faced a sudden fall following his arrest, detention, and a series of criminal charges.

Net Worth Of Hushpuppi: Quick Summary

Original nameRamon Abbas
Other namesHush, Billionaire Gucci Blaiso, Ray Hushpuppi, 
Birth dateOctober 11, 1982
Place of birthLagos State, Nigeria
NationalityNigeria, St. Kitts, and Nevis
ProfessionInstagram Influencer
Years popularly knownFrom 2011 till date
ControversiesBusiness email compromise allegations, online scams, internet frauds, money laundering
Net worth in 2022$35.5 million

Net Worth Of Hushpuppi

Frequently, Hushpuppi’s name is seen on the lists of wealthy Nigerians. He has a large number of luxury cars, private jets, many real estate holdings, and several other expensive properties.

Net Worth Of Hushpuppi

While there have been a lot of speculations about Hushpuppi’s wealth and the sources of his earnings, it is very hard to figure out these details in precise figures and facts. However, it is established beyond doubt that Hushpuppi is one of the richest Nigerians.

In fact, Hushpuppi’s wealth has been rated greater than those of several Nigerian celebrities, actors, singers, and top politicians.

The only way to land on a fair estimate about his huge wealth is to take stock of Hushpuppi’s cars, jets and real estate possessions. In this way, the majority of sources estimate his net worth at around $35.5 million dollars in 2022.

Since the time Hushpuppi’s wealthy lifestyle and possessions became popular on social media, there have been a lot of speculations on the sources of his earnings.

Different notions attributed his wealth to gambling, online frauds and money laundering.

Some even said he has been investing in wiser ways like Bitcoin, with none of them proved till recently. Many times, the influencer has shared some posts on social media talking of his struggles in reaching the state where he is now. 

While asked about his wealth, Hushpuppi always used to give funny explanations like he earned his wealth from real estate business and he too has joked that he earns from his career as a ‘professional beggar’.

Till the recent investigations helped surface his frauds and scams, the sources of his wealth was a topic of mystery.

Birth and Life

Hushpuppi was born on October 11, 1982 in Lagos, Nigeria where he grew up till immigrating to Malaysia and then to the United Arab Emirates, where he resided till his arrest.

He said he fathered a child in 2013. He pursued his secondary education in Government College located in Ikorodu, Lagos. Several sources also say that he was selling used clothes in Lagos.

hushpuppi net worth

In many of his accounts, Hushpuppi has proudly stated that he had a humble origin and came up in life through strenuous hard work. His close friend Mompha once said Hushpuppi’s father is still a Lagos-based cab driver.

An exclusive interview with Hushpuppi’s old neighbors in Lagos published in notes he was popularly known in Lagos as ‘Yahoo Boy’, a nickname that was popular locally in reference to a cybercriminal.

The article also says he was never supported by his mother and he never helped any of his old friends to escape poverty. Often he has also been neglecting warnings about his lavish lifestyle.

In 2017, a Nigerian song titled ‘Telli Person’ rendered by a Nigerian singer Timaya featuring Phyno and Olamide contains lyrics that reflects Hushpuppi’s lifestyle also driving a note of caution to the influencer to correct his ways.

how much hushpuppi worth

The song accuses him of swindling money through inappropriate sources and misdeeds.

It blames him for lavishing his wealth on extravaganza and warns him that he might soon be caught by the law enforcement.

Many people opine that the song contained a prophetic warning which was ultimately proven during his arrest.

Allegations On Frauds

When Hushpuppi landed in the US on July 3, 2020, he faced accusations of conspiracies connected to laundering several millions of dollars.

The affidavit charged him and a co-conspirator of authoring a conspiracy regarding money laundering through a fraudulent wire transfers of an international scale amounting to around US$ 14.7 million.

This reference matched with an attack launched on Malta’s Bank of Valetta in February 2019 involving false international transactions to bank accounts in countries like the UK, US, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic.

The magnitude of this attack was so huge that the then Prime Minister of Malta had to deliver an address in the parliament on the details of the conspiracy.

Sources like Malta Today and Times of Malta reinstated the claims made by Forbes that Hushpuppi could have brained the attack. The affidavit also accused him of supporting a money laundering mission by North Korean hackers.  

The affidavit further quoted from several communications between Hushpuppi and his associates on laundering several hundreds of millions of dollars proceeding from many other fraudulent schemes and intrusion into computers.

This account included a reference about a plan hatched to steal around $124 million from a football club part of the English premier League. Hushpuppi is also a criminal wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Financial Crime Police of Nigeria.  

If Hushpuppi is convicted, he might have to face a sentence of 15 years of imprisonment in federal prison followed by deportation to his home country Nigeria.

In an article on the trial scheduled on July 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, Bloomberg Business Week stated, “Authorities say Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, perfected a simple internet scam and laundered millions of dollars. His past says a lot about digital swagger, and the kinds of stories that get told online.”

During the trial, Hushpuppi accepted on July 28, 2021 that he was guilty of money laundering and also mentioned about the involvement of Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nigeria in his scam worth 1.1 million.

Eventually, Abba Kyari was arrested under the FBI warrant issued by a US Court and implicated following the release of his conversation with Hushpuppi.

Cars, Mansions And Extravaganza

Some of the cars in his collection of luxury vehicles include Rolls Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Wraith, Brabus G-Wagon, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari 488 GTB Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650, Mercedes-Benz G-wagon and Range Rover Sport. 

how much is the net worth of hushpuppi

Before his arrest in 2020, the influencer was seen constructing a massive house in Lagos, Nigeria. The value of this property is still not known publicly. Once, Hushpuppi gave a virtual tour of the suite in a luxury Dubai hotel.

In addition to his preoccupation with collecting luxury cars, Hushpuppi’s social media posts surface his lavish spending on watches, bags from world-renowned brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, and Designer Clothes.

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