How Much Is The Net Worth Of Naomi Wolf 2022?

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Born on November 12, 1962, Naomi Wolf (Naomi Rebekah Wolf) is a journalist, feminist author and a political advisor. She describes herself as the spokesperson of the third wave of the feminist movement following her first book released in 1991 under the title The Beauty Myth.

 During the 1990s, she had been the political advisor when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were campaigning for the presidential elections.

The End of America authored by Wolf became a bestseller in 2007. Her book titled ‘Vagina: A New Biography’ invited vehement criticisms from several feminists. Many questioned the quality and accuracy of this book. The U.S. publication of her work ‘Outrages’ was cancelled due to its serious misreading of the court records.      

How much is the net worth of Naomi Wolf?  

Naomi Wolf’s current net worth is estimated at US $8 million in December 2021. She is a feminist author, journalist and political advisor. 

On journals, she writes on topics including ‘abortion’, and ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement’. She regularly contributes to The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Nation and The New Republic. Right from 2014, Naomi Wolf has been viewed as a conspiracy theorist from 2014. 

She is also popular for voicing revolutionary and often unconventional views on world’s important issues. Her major earning source is her books. 

Net Worth of Naomi Wolf 

Naomi Wolf’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at $8 million. Her main source of earning was her books, which all stemmed from her doctoral thesis at Oxford University. After her first book The Beauty Myth was published, she was seen as a spokeswoman of third wave feminism and this book became the best seller around the world.

naomi wolf net worth

Throughout her writing career, she had been evoking mixed reactions from other writers, reviewers, public and feminists. Often she was criticized for inaccuracies in her research and stark misrepresentations of statistics she used. On account of this, the University had to recall her doctoral thesis and was subjected to revisions.

Wolf was also involved in the 1996 reelection bid of Bill Clinton suggesting the president’s team on reaching out to female voters. In 2000, she was consulted during AI Gore’s bid for the presidency and received a monthly salary of $15,000 in exchange for the ideas she gave.

Net Worth of Naomi Wolf Net Worth: Quick Summary

NameNaomi Wolf (Naomi Rebekah Wolf)
Born onNovember 12, 1962
Place of birthSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Main source of earningWriting, Political Consulting
Net worth in 2021US $8 Million
EducationB.A. from Yale UniversityD.Phil from New College, Oxford
Popular worksworks The Beauty MythThe End of AmericaMisconceptionsFire with FireOutrages
Facebook account132K followers
Twitter accountSuspended due to spreading vaccine misinformation
Instagram account 15.4K followers

Important Career Highlights Of Naomi Wolf

In 1984, Naomi Wolf received her bachelor of arts in English Literature from Yale University. Between 1985 and 1987, Wolf attended the New College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Later Wolf observed that she had troubled times at the Oxford University while having to confront “raw sexism, overt snobbery and casual anti-Semitism”. 

Her tutor did not endorse her writing saying it was highly subjective and too personal and dissuaded her from submitting her doctoral thesis. While answering the interviewer Rachel Cooke, Wolf said, “My subject didn’t exist. 

I wanted to write feminist theory, and I kept being told by the dons there was no such thing.” Whatever she wrote during this period became the content for her first book entitled The Beauty Myth.

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Later Wolf returned to Oxford and in 2015 she completed her Doctor of Philosophy in English literature in 2015. The thesis supervised by Stefano Evangelista of Trinity College became the basis of her book titled Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love published in 2019. 

In 1996, Wolf was inducted into the President’s team during the reelection bid to suggest ways to allure female voters. She was hired by Dick Morris and Wolf could successfully persuade Morris “to pursue school uniforms, tax breaks for adoption, simpler cross-racial adoption laws and more workplace flexibility.” 

Later in 2000, Wolf served as the consultant during AI Gore’s presidential bid and Wolf received a salary of $15,000 per month.

In 1991, Naomi Wolf attained universal fame as an advocate of third-wave feminism. Her book The Beauty Myth became a best seller worldwide. Wolf condemned the beauty and fashion industries as exploiting women. She pressed for freedom in expression for women attacking the oppression in five areas namely work, sex, religion, violence and hunger. 

In 1993, Naomi Wolf published Fire with Fire in which she covered her views on politics, women’s sexual liberation and female empowerment. She gave a clarion call against violence3 against women, sexual harassment, and pay disparities.

Promiscuities, which examines the shifting patterns in adolescent sexuality during contemporary times was published in 1997. In this work, she claims that the female accounts about adolescent sexuality are systematically suppressed. 

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She argued that schools must teach the students what is known as ‘sexual gradualism’, masturbation, oral sex, and mutual masturbation which could be a credible approach than total abstinence and would rule out the risks of intercourse.

Misconception published in 2001 was based on Wolf’s personal experience of her first pregnancy. She describes having a cesarean felt like Jesus at Crucifixion. She too attacked the inequalities in child care between parents. In 2005, she published The Tree House.

The End of America published in 2007 carried the description, ‘Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot’. In this work, Wolf perceived fascism in the historical perspective and outlined ten steps for a fascist group to abolish the democratic character of a nation state. In 2008, she released Give Me Liberty.

2012 saw the release of her book Vagina: A New Biography, which Zoe Heller said in his review in The New York Review of Books, “offers an unusually clear insight into the workings of her mystic feminist philosophy.” Though some portion of the book is about the historical perspective of vagina’s representation, it is “full of childlike generalizations” and Wolf’s understanding of science “is pretty shaky too”. 

In 2019, Wolf’s book Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love was released and it spoke about the suppression of homosexuality in connection with attitudes towards prostitution, divorce and the censorship of books.

Twitter Suspends Naomi Wolf’s Account

In June 2021, Twitter suspended Naomi Wolf’s account and banned her from the social media platform on claims that she was spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccination. Earlier, over 142.8K were following her on Twitter. 

In justifying its stand, Twitter said it had to suspend her account as she violated the Twitter rules. Twitter also said, the suspension would be a permanent one and Dr. Wolf won’t be able to appeal.

naomi wolf earnings,

In a series of tweets, Naomi was seen sharing anti-vaccine views telling her 142 k followers that vaccine passports will “recreate a situation that is very familiar to me as a student of history. This has been the start of many, many genocides.”

She too posted, “it seems urgent for public health to separate vaccinated people’s urine and feces from general sewage supplies and waterways’ until studies on their potential contamination of unvaccinated people’s drinking water.” 

She said, “The best way to show respect for healthcare workers if you are healthy and under 65 is to socialize sensibly and expose yourself to a low viral load.” Also she claimed that children must never wear masks as the masks make their face hand inertly with unmoving facial muscles. 

She was also seen comparing the US’s top Covid advisor Dr Anthony Fauci, to ‘satan’. Naomi vehemently opposed lockdowns and any kind of social restrictions in the face of Covid-19. Her posts were received with wide-spread criticisms eventually compelling Twitter to suspend her account, while critics of the ban said the move came as a threat to free speech.         

How Much Naomi Wolf Earns

In 2021, Naomi Wolf has a net worth of $8 million. Estimates show that she makes $400,000 per year and $32,000 per month. Her earnings per week is $8,000 and per day she earns $1140.

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