How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kim Kardashian 2021?


Wondering how much is the net worth of Kim Kardashian? Read further to know more about Kim’s net worth, her assets and a lot more.

Kim Kardashian, her full name reading as Kimberly Noel Kardashian West wears quite a many hats to her personality as a model actress, businesswoman, socialite and a media personality. Kim Kardashian first came to be known as the stylist and friend of Paris Hilton. 

However, she commanded a wider attention by releasing a sex tape with her boyfriend and singer actor Ray J. In fact, this video helped give an overnight boost to her fame. Making the success of the sex-tape as the springboard, she then appeared in television reality shows and eventually formed two spin-off series along with Kourtney. 

How much is the net worth of Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian is a popular model actress, businesswoman and a socialite whose current net worth is $1 billion in November 2021. 

Kim has a huge social media following and has her own line of products and games. She has also acted in some movies. Kim is also a highly successful entrepreneur owning businesses like KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance and shape wear company Skims. 

In 2015, she found a place on Time Magazine’s list of world’s 100 most influential people. While it is evident that she has amassed a huge wealth through multiple sources, the topic of how much is Kim deal worth is a highly interesting one. 

Net Worth Of Kim Kardashian       

Forbes’ estimate valuing Kim Kardashian’s net worth in 2021 to have crossed $1 billion answers the question, “Is Kim Kardashian a billionaire”. 

In 2021, Kim entered the list of the world’s billionaires as her net worth increased from $780 million in October. Around this period, Kim made a huge wealth through quite a few sources like the profits made through sales from her businesses KKW Beauty and Skims, some lucrative endorsement deals, reality television shows, and the proceeds from several small investments. 

In 2015, she was the highest paid television personality on reality shows with her earnings in the year estimated to have crossed $53 million.  Some sources like Celebrity net worth value her wealth at $1.4 billion.

Since 2012, Kim Kardashian has been earning over $10 million from sources including paychecks given for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, mobile games, Kimoji app, businesses and endorsement deals. 

Businesses that Made Kim a Billionaire

The major part of Kim Kardashian’s wealth ensued from her lucrative businesses that sell her own product lines and mobile games. Kim was inspired by Kylie Cosmetics, a business venture by her half-sister Kylie Jenner which was selling cosmetics. 

Motivated by the success of this cosmetics company, Kardashian West founded one another cosmetics company in 2017 under the name KKW Beauty. Adapting the same direct-to-consumer model, she promoted her products on social media channels. Initially she launched 300,000 contour kits and all of them were sold out within two hours.

Before the end of 2018, the business had expanded into some more products like concealers, fragrances, eye shadows and lipsticks. Around this time, she was making $100 million in revenue from her business. While talking to Forbes in 2017 while she released her cosmetic line Kim Kardashian remarked, “It’s the first time I’ve moved away from having licensing deals and transitioned into being an owner.”

In 2020, Kim sold out about 20% stakes of KKW Beauty which was purchased by Coty the cosmetics conglomerate in a deal worth $200 million. This single deal valued the company at $1 billion. The worth of Kim’s remaining stakes in the company is valued at not less than $500 million. 

In 2019, Kardashian West launched the shapewear firm Skims. She too was smart enough to raise money from reputed fashion insiders like Theory’s Andrew Rosen and Net-a-Porter Natalie Massane. 

Popularizing the company and its products was not a big deal for Kim as she already has over 69.6 million followers on Twitter and 213 million followers on Instagram.

Her insightful research helped her gauge the customers’ needs and deliver products accordingly. During the pandemic, she offered loungewear that was selling hot.  

Kim holds Skims very closely and owns the majority of its stakes. So far, Skims has not disclosed its volume sales and profits. Some sources say a recent transaction has helped value the company at more than $500 million.

Kim’s stake in Skims could be worth more than $225 million and hence the rough calculations show us that her net worth ensuing from all these valuations could easily go beyond $1 billion. 

She owns a range of blue-chip investments that include shares in Disney, Adidas, Amazon, and Netflix. Most of these shares were gifted to her by her boyfriend Kanye West in 2017.

The businesses she owns and promotes in her own Kardashian style are the major sources of her income that helped her earn a place among the world’s billionaires. 

When she found a place on the Forbes cover, she remarked in reaction to criticisms that have been thrown on her over the years, “Not bad for a girl with no talent.”

Milestones of Kim Kardashian in Becoming a Billionaire

In 2009, Kim’s wealth was pegged at $10 million. In just about two years, her wealth had grown to $20 million in 2011. Estimates of her wealth in 2013 valued it at $ 40 million. The next five years saw her wealth explode like anything. 

As per Forbes estimates, her wealth was valued at US$45 million in 2014. Commenting on how much money she made in 2015, Forbes reported that she had, “made more this year than ever as her earnings nearly doubled to $53 million from 2014’s $28 million”. Forbes also said that she had effectively “monetized fame better than any other”. 

A significant part of her income was from the profits made from the sales of the Sears line, the Kardashian Kollection, which earned her $600 million in 2013 alone. The collective worth of the Kardashian Beauty cosmetics line, the boutique-line DASH, Kardashian-branded tanning products, and sponsored social media posts. The collective worth of one social media post was between $300,000 and $500,000.

Kim’s net worth in July 2018 was worth US$350 million. In this year, the net worth of her husband Kanye West was $1.3 billion, Therefore, the total net worth of their household around this time was valued at $510 million, which found them a place among the richest couples of the entertainment industry. 

It is said that Kardashian does not receive any alimony payments from any of her two earlier marriages. Forbes estimates as on April 6, 2021 value Kim’s net worth at more than $1 billion

Who is the richest Kardashian?

It was about fourteen years back that ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ showed up on televisions. Since then, the Kardashian family has become one of the richest in Hollywood. The series has played for over 20 seasons since it hit the television screens for the first time. 

Now estimating the wealth of each of the Kardashians, we find several interesting stats surfacing. Besides earning from the series, each of the Kardashians have independently earned a huge sum of money through their business ventures, paid appearances and endorsement deals.

Many even call the Kardashian family a money making machine. Here we find out Who is the richest Kardashian.

In 2021, Kim Kardashian will have a net worth of $ 1 billion. In the next position, we find youngest sister Kylie Kardashian who is worth $700 million. Mom Kris Jenner’s net worth is valued at less than $200 million. Kourtney Kardashian‘s net worth is valued at $65 million. Khloé Kardashian has got a wealth estimated at $50 million. 

He is followed by Kendall Jenner whose wealth is estimated to be $45 million. The worth of Caitlyn Jenner is around $100 million. The last in the line as per wealth status is brother Rob Kardashian whose net worth is only around $10 million. 

Real Estate Investments of Kim Kardashian

The value of Kim Kardashian assets is one another topic of immense interest. For several years, Kim and Kanye lived in a residence inside a gated community in Hidden Hills, California. This house was purchased by them in 2014 from Lisa Marie Presley in a deal worth $20 million. 

The next two years they spent on remodeling the property. While the outcome was not up to Kim’s liking, they started over the remodeling once again from scratch in 2016.

This luxury property spans over three acres of land and has two spas, two swimming pools, a large size basketball court, a custom-built bungalow and a private vineyard besides several other amenities. The couple had to evacuate the property in 2018 when wildfires had spread very close to their property. 

The couple called in private fire fighters arranged by their insurance company to protect their mansion and other nearby properties. This home located in Hidden Hill is today worth about $60 million.  

In September 2021 Kim gave away around $23 million to Kanye to transfer the official property titles in her favor. From this amount, roughly about $3 million was spent on interior decorations that embellished the home further.

Kim bought a mansion located in Bel Air, California in 2013 paying about $9 million. The couple spent several millions of dollars on bringing in several upgrades to the property. They had occupied this house during the period when the Hidden Hills property was being improved. Kim sold out the Bel Air property in 2017 for a sum of $18 million

How Much Kim Earns on Instagram

For every paid post she puts up on Instagram earns her between $300,000 and $500,000. Kim has also earned around $1 million from single posts. These values become evident from a lawsuit Kim filed in May 2019 against an American based company known as Missguided. 

In the lawsuit, Kim had said that Missguided had been Knocking off the outfits worn by Kim Kardashifor the sake of misleading the customers that Missguided had a partnership venture with Kim to design these outfits. 

As per the court documents, Kim was earning between $300 and 500k per post. During many occasions, her earnings went up to touch $1 million. These documents also bring to surface that Kim declined a lot of offers from several brands that do not interest her and picks up only a few partners every month. 

Adding up the income from such sources, we can say Kim’s Instagram earnings alone could be worth between $1 and 2 million per month.

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