Net Worth Of LeBron James

How Much Is The Net Worth Of LeBron James 2022?

Wondering how much is the net worth of LeBron James? Well, check out further to find out LeBron James’s net worth, popularity and a lot more below. 

LeBron James is also fondly called by his fans as King James. LeBron Raymone James Sr. is a professional basketball player playing for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). LeBron James is counted among the top players in the history of the NBA. Often he is also compared to Michael Jordan in skills and performance. 

Notably, LeBron James is the only NBA player to have won all the three franchises including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the Lakers. He too has bagged the NBA Finals MVP championship.

How much is the net worth of LeBron James?

LeBron JAmes is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers whose net worth is about $850 million in November 2021. 

Rising to superstardom through his incomparable skills and startling performance, LeBron James is today one of the richest players having earned a huge wealth through salaries, endorsements, businesses and other investments. 

How rich is LeBron is an interesting topic to explore here. We too learn the different sources of his earnings and what he does with his huge wealth. 

Net Worth Of LeBron James

Looking at LeBron James’ immense popularity as an American professional basketball player and his multiple earning sources, many of his fans ask, “Is LeBron James a billionaire?” After exploring LeBron James’ net worth in detail, Forbes says he is not a billionaire while he has a huge wealth at his disposal. 

Forbes writes, “The NBA superstar has earned more than $1 billion in his career, but that doesn’t mean he’s worth that much yet.” LeBron James has signed some lucrative endorsement deals with Nike, Walmart and several other leading brands. He too plays the main role in Space Jam: A New Legacy, opposite Bugs Bunny. 

During his sports career spanning over two decades, his salaries contributed to around $400 million. His earnings off the court could be more than $600 million. Deducting his spending, taxes and returns from investments, Forbes estimates LeBron James’ net worth to be about $850 million. Therefore, it is evident that he is yet to hit billionaire status.

LeBron James has pumped in a huge amount of his earnings into several lucrative investment portfolios, businesses and real estate purchases. In all these ways, he is quickly marching ahead to reach the 1 billion dollars watermark very soon, probably by 2024 when he will celebrate his 40th birthday. If this happens, James will be the second NBA player after Michael Jordan to reach billionaire status.

Career highlights of LeBron James

The professional basketball player is in fact a legend the world has ever produced. 

While studying in his high school, his astounding skills in the game of basketball came to limelight and the media said he would once rule the world of professional basketball, which eventually came true. 

LeBron did not continue with his collegiate studies and the Cleveland Cavaliers, his hometown team chose him as the topmost pick in the NBA draft 2003. Between 2003 and 2010, LeBron played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After this period, he moved to Miami and played for the Heat between 2010 and 2014. 

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Under his able leadership, the Heat won two NBA championships in the years 2012 and 2013. He made a comeback to Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the team between 2014 and 2018. He won a championship for the team in 2016. In 2018 he made a shift to the Los Angeles Lakers for whom he bagged a championship in 2020. 

Achievements and Honours of LeBron James

James was the first ever player who won championships for three franchises including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the Lakers in addition to bagging the NBA Finals MVP. He took part in 10 NBA finals and some of his notable achievements include 4 NBA championships, 4 NBA Finals MVP awards, 4 NBA MVP awards, and 2 Olympic gold medals. 

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In his sports career spanning over two decades, he has made a record in terms of all-time playoffs points. He also stands in the third position for all-time points and in the eighth position in career assists. He was selected for the All-NBA team for a record number of 17 times. 

In 2021, he was selected for the NBA’s 75th Anniversary team. In the history of the NBA, James was the first one to have accumulated over $1 billion in earnings

Earnings of LeBron James On the Court and Off the Court

In a typical year, LeBron James earns around $40 million in salaries from the NBA. His earnings per year through endorsements is around $55 million.

Therefore, his earnings per year is not less than $100 million. James earned around $86 million between June 2016 and June 2017. His earnings for the same period in 2017-2018 was $85.5 million. He earned around the same amount for this period in 2018-2019.

During the first 10 seasons he played for NBA, LeBron James earned more than $126 million in salary. During this time period, James earned around $326 million through endorsements. 

Therefore, his earnings during the first decade of his professional basketball career is estimated at $452 million. With the Lakers, LeBron signed a two-year contract worth $85 million. Parallel to this earning, LeBron would have made $428 million in NBA salaries by 2023. In 2021, his total earnings approximately stand around $850 million.

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LeBron has signed up a large number of endorsement deals with companies like Nike, McDonalds, Dunkin-Donuts, Samsung, Microsoft, Beats by Dre, State Farm, Coca-Cola, and Baskin Robbins.

LeBron landed on the Nike deal when he was just 18 years which paid him $90 million in 7 years at the rate of around $12.8 million per year. Now he earns $20 million per year from Nike alone as salary and royalty.

In 2015, James signed a lifetime deal with Nike and this endorsement is valued at more than $1 billion. Notably, this is the first ever lifetime endorsement deal that Nike has ever signed up with someone. 

Wealth made off the court

LeBron James NBA earnings position him in the fifth place among the highest paid players. However, his off-court earnings contribute to the majority of his wealth. In 2020 alone, James earned around $65 million through endorsements, appearances and some memorabilia. This is a record any NBA player has created yet. 

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For the same year, James’ earnings is $21 million more than that of Kevin Durant, who is in the second position among the NBA players for his off-the-court earnings. Nike is the biggest sponsor of James. This brand has linked him in a lifetime endorsement deal signed in 2016 that earns tens of millions of dollars for him every year. 

Businesses and other Investments of LeBron James

In 2020, James formed the SpringHill Co. by partnering with his childhood friend Maverick Carter. This firm is named after the apartment complex in Akron, Ohio where James lives with his family. This venture comprises three entities namely The Robot Company, James’ marketing agency and SpringHill Entertainment.

‘Uninterrupted’ is the name of his third business that provides a platform for athletes to reach out to the customers directly through social and traditional media, podcasts, different kinds of events and merchandise. This venture produces some HBO talk shows and also sells custom apparels.

As per a report published by The Information, James was contemplating on an investment or sale deal that could value the business at around $750 million. Sources close to him said this deal could happen before the end of 2021. James is the largest stakeholder in the company and the stocks he owns in the company which might not exceed 50%, is valued at $300 million.

James has invested in Fenway Sports Group that owns an array of organizations including Liverpool Football Club and the Boston Red Sox. It also owns around half of Roush Fenway Racing and 80% stakes in the New England Sports Network.

In 2011, LeBron James also purchased a minority stake in the English Premier League team during the time when LRMR, his sports marketing group landed on a partnership deal with Fenway Sports Group and this deal was brokered by Wachter. 

In this year, Wachter, James and Carter signed a deal to exchange their stake in the soccer club for owning FSG in part. This transaction was in fact a part of a much larger deal where RedBird Capital Partners shelled out $750 million to acquire around 10% stakes of the group.

In 2015, James stepped out from an endorsement deal he had signed up with McDonald for four years that was worth $15 million. He paid less than $1 million to acquire 10% stakes in Blaze Pizza chain. Blaze now owns over 300 stores throughout the US and Canada. James has around 18 Blaze franchise stores in Illinois and Florida run by restaurateur Larry Levy. 

Real Estate Investments of LeBron

James has spent a significant portion of his wealth on real estate purchases. He has bought not less than four properties, worth a combined worth of around $100 million. In Ohio, he has built a huge mansion costing $10 million which is located in his hometown of Akron. 

James has around 3 properties in California, two of them located in Los Angeles neighborhood tony Brentwood and he purchased them in 2015 and 2017 in two separate deals costing him $21 million and $23 million respectively. In 2020, James spent $36.75 million to invest in a Beverly Hills spread of 13,000-square-foot, which he might be using up for real estate construction. 

After taking into account high taxes, a huge personal and professional spending, heavy management and agent fees, Forbes has estimated that James owns assets worth not less than $350 million in addition to his real estate portfolio, the stakes he owns in SpringHill, Blaze and the Fenway Sports Group. 

Some of his highly valued assets include a luxury cars collection, proceeds he earned from the sale of Beats by Dre to Apple which was valued at $3 billion in 2014 and the shares of the fitness firm Beachbody. Last year, this firm acquired the sports nutrition company Ladder for $28 million in stock. Earlier, ladder was co founded by James with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

LeBron’s Popularity in the Media and Society

LeBronJames is one of the most celebrated sportster and has earned a huge popularity not only on the court, but also off the court. Quite a few books are written and a number of documentaries and television commercials are made. As an executive producer, he has won two Sports Emmy Awards.

He has hosted programs like the ESPY Awards and Saturday Night Live. He has won 19 ESPY Awards. 

He showed up in films like Trainwreck and Space Jam: A New Legacy. Off late, he is seen involved in a number of philanthropic works and his charitable organization called the LeBron James Family Foundation has helped in the opening of an elementary school, a community center, and a housing complex in Akron, his hometown.