Net Worth Of Davido

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Davido 2022?

Estimated at $16 million, the Nigerian musician’s inspiring net worth secures Davido a coveted place among the richest musicians of Africa. 

How much is net worth of Davido?

David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido is a self-made Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer with a net worth of $16 billion. 

David Adedeji Adeleke was born on November 21, 1992, and became popular by his stage name Davido. Making a distinguished career in music, the self-made millionaire singer is also a songwriter and record producer. 

Davido co-owns HKN Music along with his brother Adewale Adeleke. Notably, this record label is a home to some renowned names like B. Red, DeeKay and Sina Rambo.

Net Worth Of Davido: Quick Summary

NameDavid Adedeji Adeleke
Net Worth$16 million
Show Charges$100,000 and $200,000 per show
YouTube Views663 million
No. of Cars8
No. of Houses2 Mansions

Net Worth of Davido

Davido’s net worth is an estimated $ 16 million as per the latest available stats. Much of the musician’s wealth ensues from his musical career as a singer, songwriter and producer. 


He is one of the highly charging performers for stage events and endorsements both at home and abroad.

 The fleet of luxury cars and expensive mansions he owns project a striking image of his wealth he has made in just over a decade.    

Seventh Richest Musician in Africa

Africa has produced quite a number of millionaire musicians.

 Davido’s net worth valued by majority sources at $16 million places him within the top 10 positions among the wealthiest musicians of the continent. 

One of Forbes lists places Davido in the seventh position after the wealthiest African singers including Youssou N’Dour, Akon, Black Coffee, Don Jazzy, Wizkid, and Rudeboy. 

The names that follow Davido in the list are Peter Okoye, TuFace, and D Banj.    

The Green Signal to Davido’s Music Career

davido rich musician

In 2011, Davido released a single titled ‘Dami Duro’, which went viral in Nigeria with a record number of listening and the 2012 Nigeria Entertainment Awards recognized it as the hottest single of the year. 

This was not a small achievement for a musician who had just turned 19 around that time. Part of Davido’s debut studio album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’, Dami Duro’s popularity was an unprecedented one of those times.

 Dami Duro peaked in the number one slot among Gold Myne’s top 10 songs in 2012 clearly overtaking Iyanya’s ‘Kukere’.

The debut Album

Encouraged by his record breaking success fetched by Dami Duro, Davido treated his fans with a series of hot singles.

 The following year 2012 saw the musical wizard releasing a wave-making album titled Omo Baba Olowa (O.B.O) Genesis, which was a mixture of Afrobeats and hip hop. 

Omo Baba Olowo came packed with all of the young artist’s hit songs like Back When, Dami Duro, Love Song, and Ekuro. 

The latest single ‘Overseas’ featured Sina Rambo. The 16 track album also included collaborations with TuFace, Ice Prince, May D, K Switch and B-Red. 

Leading the Renaissance for Afrobeats

The past decade has been a time of renaissance for Afrobeats and the music emerging from the continent. 

Several artists from Africa have topped the charts both at home and globally through their startling performance and musical talents.

In their worldwide recognition and growth, the fact that has played a decisive role in their continuing allegiance to Afrobeats rather than imitating the U.S. and U.K. artists.

This has helped them establish and grow a unique niche in the music industry.

To nurture this trend and win its international acclaim, the infrastructure needs revamping and the scenario must be inviting for new artists to break through and contribute. 

Davido has been one of the leaders in African musical scene to champion this renaissance for the African music putting it on par with the internationally renowned genres.   

Chiseling His Own Way to Success

Davido was not blessed with a natural chance to enter the world of music. None of his immediate family members was a musician. 

During his teens, Davido’s innate passion for music saw him collaborating with his cousins B-Red and Sina Rambo.

What started as producing music for other people turned into Davido personally performing on the tracks. 

The confidence he gained with music in the initial years emboldened him to drop from his college, a decision his parents could never approve.

His single Dami Duro blew up Africa giving an assurance to his parents who now felt his career in music was a viable one.   

Journey With the Musical Career

net worth david adedeji adeleke,

Born in 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, Davido shifted to Lagos at a very young age. Following the overwhelming success with a few singles, Davido was immensely encouraged when Dami Duro became a hit in Nigeria. 

Davido then went on with the release of Omo Baba Olowo in 2012 and EP Son of Mercy in 2016.

 Co-owning the record label HKN Music with his brother Adewale Adeleke, he produced music for several artists like Naeto C, Tiwa Savage, and Skales. 

Going for an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria, in 2013, he joined Guinness Nigeria in 2013 for the Guinness World of More concert. 2016 saw Davido signing up a deal with Sony Music.

Davido also started his own label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). 

Other notable deals he signed include the one with RCA Records (2016) and with Infinix (2018). 

Davido Vs Wizkid

The two hottest music stemming from Nigeria, Davido and Wizkid have taken international scenes very soon in their career. Both these artists have a record number of fans both locally and internationally. 

A number of episodes in the world of music project as though these two artists are in a stiff competition. Both of them have several times said they are not into any war with each other. 

Nevertheless, the social media is replete with fights between Davido and Wizkid’s fans challenging who is better in music, talents and riches.

Some available sources say Davido is slightly richer among these two while some others claim Wizkid is the richer one. 

Not Afraid to Collaborate

Time and again Davido is seen collaborating with other artists from Nigeria and other Afrobeat experts across his productions. 

Saying his success during the early years owes so much to Nigerian musicians with whom he worked, Davido recalls, “It was people like P-Square and D’Banj who made me believe that all this was possible.” 

Around the time of his 24th birthday, Davido released Son of Mercy, the artist’s first EP produced and released internationally in collaboration with R&B It-Girl Tinashe on How Long. 

Telling why he decided to collaborate, he remarked, “I could have done an outright R&B record but I decided to take what Tinashe does and fuse that with the culture back at home.”

Some of the most popular artists he collaborated with are Young Thug, Future, Trey Songz and Rae Sremmurd.

Davido with Sony

When he had opportunities to work with local artists through Sony, he dissolved his own record label HKN that he co-owned with his brother. 

He said, “I had four offers and I went with the one that was going to get my music out there. Right now everybody is trying to grab a piece of Africa. I went with the team that believed and was actually interested in my music.”

DMW Builds an African Music Empire

davido nigerian singer,

Shortly after meeting Davido, Mayorkun resigned his job with a bank and together they worked on an album “The Mayor Of Lagos” under Davido’s music label DMW. 

Fetching a lot of awards, this venture encouraged them to sign up with musicians like Peruzzi and Dremo.

For Davido, every chance to team up with the local artists was an opportunity to contribute to African music. 

Talking about why he decides to share the production stage with other artists, he says, “people fail to understand you can’t be on top forever, having these artists helps me stay afloat and be current with new stuff”. 

DMW has a lot of plans to keep the African music afloat by surfacing a lot of local artists over the coming years. 

Sources of Earning

davido net worth,

Davido is the son of a rich man of Nigeria Dr. Adedeji Adeleke and hence he has inherited a significant amount of wealth from his father. 

As a musician, Davido’s earnings started very early in his life when he released his first single titled as Back When.

Following the overwhelming success of this release, his name came to be known in every household in Nigeria.

 Right from 2011 when he was just crossing his teens, he became a prominent name in the entertainment industry of Nigeria. 

He offers very expensive shows globally charging between $100,000 and $200,000 per show.

His income ensues from multiple sources like album releases, producing music for others, over 663 million YouTube views of his videos, and signing up endorsement deals with several Nigerian and foreign brands.  

Cars, Mansions and Jet

davido age and net worth

Davido’s net worth shows an impressive figure at $16 million. 

Also, the portfolio of luxury cars he owns include Toyota Land Cruiser, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG series, Lamborghini Uru, Bentley Bentayga, Chevrolet Camaro GS, Porsche Carrera, Range Rover, and a new Lamborghini Huracan. 

He owns two mansions in Lekki and Banana Island, Lagos and one in Atlanta, USA. Davido has given himself to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. 

Once Davido shared a picture of a private jet his family owns and his fans showed mixed reactions on social media.

Reaching out to his audience around the time of its delivery, Davido tweeted, “Bought already… it’s not soup it’s Hard work and Ambition!”

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