How Much Is Amazon Net Worth

How much is Amazon Net Worth 2022?

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In 2018, Amazon made history by reaching a remarkable market capitalization of $1 Trillion making Amazon one of the richest companies in the world.

How much is Amazon Net Worth?

Amazon’s influential firm stocks have soared upto 225,233% under Jeff Bezoz. It generates a profit of up to $507 million. The market capitalisation of Amazon is $1 trillion making it the second most valuable company in the word.

The company specializes in the field of E-commerce, where they have launched their website along with an app for online shopping, Kindle for ebooks, songs, and podcasts listening app named Amazon Music, and many more services. 

It is involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, pharmacy, as well as cloud computing systems.

Net Worth of Amazon: Summary

Net Worth$314.9 Billion
Net IncomeUS $21.331 billion
Revenue US $425.064 billion 
No. of Employees1,468,000 
Total AssetsUS $321.2 billion

Amazon was founded way back in 1994 by the present CEO Jeff Bezos, who started from a garage in Bellevue of Washington. Initially, the target was to sell books over the internet. 

By 1998 they moved their domain further to more items such as food, toys, video games, jewelry, videos, accessories, and electronic devices. According to Publishers Weekly, Amazon faced losses of about $124.5 million in the same year. 

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They introduced Amazon Web Services in 2002 after 4 years. Later, the company launched cloud services. It even acquired Kiva Systems. In 2006, Amazon’s net worth stretched up to $16 billion as per Microtrends whereas it crossed $80 billion in 2012. 

Around 2017, it took over Whole Foods Market. At this time, Bezos became the wealthiest man in the world.

Do you want to know how much is Amazon net worth in the pandemic? On 23 March 2021, the multinational giant Amazon recorded a net worth of $1548.44 billion as per Microtrends. 

how much is amazon worth
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Amazon has also obtained a market capitalization of $1.7 trillion and eventually added itself to the trillion-dollar club. In the last few years, Amazon has gone ahead of Walmart. 

It has come a long way from a net worth of $148 million in 1997 to a tremendous $1.7 trillion in 2020. Today, Amazon is counted among the Big Five and competes with Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Apple. 

It has registered itself in the list of most valuable companies of all time. 

The total assets account for $321.2 billion which is comparatively higher than 2019s $225.248 billion worth of assets. According to Wikipedia, the company generated a revenue of $386.064 billion along with $93.404 billion equity during last year. 

There are 1,298,000 in this 27 years old organization. In 2020, the liabilities increased from $163.188 billion to $227.791 billion. The cash deposits were settled at $84.396 billion.

 According to Fortune, the influential firm’s stocks have risen by 225,233% over the period. This is how much is Amazon net worth. Amazon valuation in the market has spiked higher from last year.

Amazon Net Worth

List of Companies Owned by Amazon

  1. Zappos

In 2009, Amazon bought Zappos at $1.2 billion. They took over all the warrants along with the outstanding shares. Zappos sells shoes and clothing for men, women, and children. The company was founded by Nick Swinmurn in 1999. 

They are popular for their customer service and culture. It provides free shipping facilities which are liked by shoppers. 

Although Amazon has not disclosed the profits gained from Zappos. According to Investopedia, the firm makes around $2 billion every year. 

  1. Twitch Interactive

Twitch Interactive also called Twitch TV, which is a live streaming service provider. Gamers found it very useful. 

People can view the broadcast or chat at the same time. It was launched in 2011 by Emmett Shear. By the end of 2013, there were more than 45 million users. 

Amazon bought the Twitch TV in 2014 at $970 million as per Investopedia.

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  1. Whole Foods Market

Whole Food Market was established in 1978. A supermarket chain based in the US. Their headquarter is situated in Texas. This was one of the most significant attainments for Amazon. 

It was also the most expensive purchase for the E-commerce giant. According to Investopedia, they spent about $13.7 billion in 2017. 

So, how much is Amazon net worth? According to Fortune, it generates profits up to $507 million. Amazon has introduced Amazon Fresh for Whole Food Market. People can buy their groceries at their convenience.

Originally their fruits and veggies were pretty costly. However, after the acquisition prices of commodities have fallen by 2.5%. The company is on the list of USDA Certified Organic grocers. Apart from America, they operate in Canada as well as the UK. 

  1.  Kiva Systems

Kiva Systems began its journey in 2003. Its founding members include Mick Mountz and Raffaello D’Andrea. Their machinery and robots assist in warehouses, manufacturing, and other work. 

Kiva started facing crises because of high prices and improper management. It led to the downfall of the firm. Now, Kiva is a part of Amazon. 

The acquisition took place at an expense of  $775 million in 2012. In 2015, Amazon changed the name of the robotics business to Amazon Robotics. 

The products from Amazon Robotics are utilized in the storage services by the multinational enterprise. 

  1. PillPack

Today Amazon owns this online pharmacy. They completed the settlement at $753 million. With the addition of PillPack, do you want to know how much is Amazon net worth?

 According to CNBC, the E-commerce company entered a $500 billion medication market. PillPack was founded by TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen in 2013 to deliver medicines at the doorsteps. Later, Amazon decided to rename the brand Amazon Pharmacy in 2019. 

Biggest Individual Shareholders of Amazon 

Jeffrey Bezos

As per Forbes, Jeff Bezos’s net worth is about $196 billion and holds the position of the second richest person on earth after Elon Musk of Tesla. Bezos’s net worth was affected after his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos. 

The compromise took place at $35billion. The current Amazon CEO has decided to change his post. Bezos will serve as executive chairman from the chief executive officer. 

According to Investopedia, he owns up to 11.1% of shares of Amazon. Bezos has a total of 55.5 million shares of the company. Moreover, it is the highest number.

Andrew R. Jassy, who is also known as Andy Jassy will become the new CEO of Amazon somewhere around September this year. 

Andrew Jassy

Jassy is one of the most critical members of Amazon. He is currently working as the CEO of Amazon Web Services. It helps in the database, networking, storage, and many more. With AWS then how much is Amazon net worth? 

According to Wikipedia, the subsidiary generates revenue of $46 billion out of which income stands at $13.5 billion for the company in the fiscal year 2020. The cloud computing service was launched in July 2002. 

Jassy started working for Amazon in 1997. According to Investopedia, about 94,797 outstanding shares are held by him. This accounts for 0.02% of shares of Amazon. 

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Jeffrey Blackburn

In 1998, Blackburn joined Amazon and served as the Vice President of Operations Integration. He became the Senior Vice President of Business Development in 2006. 

According to CNBC, he is leaving Amazon this year. He has made contributions to the AMZN IPO prospectus and last year his net worth amounted to $282 million. Till 2011, he made 45 trades for Amazon. 

In 2020, Blackburn sold 3,573 units of AMZN stock of value $10,819,366. As per Investopedia, he owns  48,967 shares in the E-commerce firm. This number goes about 0.01% of the total shares of Amazon. Blackburn has the third-highest stake in the company.

Key Organizations Shareholders of Amazon

Vanguard Group

After the investment by Vanguard Group, how much is Amazon net worth? The group has an AUM of more than $6.7 trillion. About 33.0 million shares of the multinational business are held by Vanguard Group as per Investopedia. 

These figures make up 6.6% of the total outstanding shares of Amazon. The data has been taken from 13F documented at the end of the year. Vanguard Group specializes in investment advisory, who provides mutual funds as well as exchange-traded funds. 

They have also financed other big companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.


BlackRock has the third-largest number of shares held by any institution. The corporation owns 27.0 million shares, which is 5.4% of the entire shares of the company. 

BlackRock works as an investment management enterprise that operates in two sectors. These are risk and asset management. 

The corporation was Bob Kapito and Larry Fink in 1988. Last year, BlackRock’s net worth accounted for $4.932 billion along with an AUM of $8.676 trillion. 

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Advisor Group

After the investment by Advisor Group, how much is Amazon net worth? They have a quantity of 35.4 million shares of Amazon. 

According to Investopedia, this is almost 7.1% of the total shares of the company. According to Investopedia, they are the biggest shareholders of Amazon. An autonomous broker-dealer headed by Jamie Price, who is the CEO. 

They comprise four brokers inside the group. These are Royal Alliance, Woodbury Financial Ser

vices, SagePoint Financial, and FSC Securities Corporation. Advisor Group has more than 6000 consuls around America. 


Amazon has already crossed a market capitalization of $1 trillion in 2018. In 2020, a target of $1.7 trillion was achieved. The total assets have reached $321.2 billion in the same year. 

Revenue of $386.064 billion was generated along with an equity of $93.404 billion. The cash deposits were settled at $84.396 billion. $227.791 billion was the figure on the liabilities side.

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